Five minutes of facial yoga every day is better than countless skin care products!

In fact, yoga is the best way to maintain the face.

Regular practice of inverted three-dimensional posture and front bending posture can moisturize the face skin well! Today, Xiaobian has arranged a set of facial yoga, which is super simple.

There are only five movements.

You can do these five movements when you relax after each yoga practice and keep practicing.

It is better than using expensive skin care products// Action 01: stand or sit up, clench your hands against your forehead, gently scrape the four finger joints from the center of the eyebrow to the end of the eyebrow, and stretch them.

Smile and relax your body and mind.

Remember to slow down.

Repeat for 18 times.

/ / action 02: lift the corners of your mouth to the right, and then slowly turn your head to the right to feel the stretch of your neck.

Stop for 5 breaths with breathing, and then slowly return to the other side.

Practice for 10 times.

/ / action 03: inhale, Place palms of both hands on both cheeks and exhale.

Lift your hands up and back to pull your cheeks and open your mouth in the shape of 0.

Hold for 5 breaths for 8-10 times.

/ / action 04.

Place the middle finger of your left hand on the upper corner of your right eye and bend your head to the left to cooperate with breathing.

Slowly lift the corner of your left eye with your middle finger and hold for 5 breaths for 8 times on each side.

/ / action 05.

Puff your cheeks.

Hold your breath to the right side for 5 seconds and exhale to restore, Inhale and stay at the left drum for 5 seconds to repeat the contact for 10-12 times.

These five facial yoga looks simple, but it can fully mobilize the corners of the eyes, face and neck muscles.

In combination with yoga pose practice, your skin will be ruddy and shiny!..

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