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It’s really beautiful to practice double yoga like this!

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What is the standard configuration for Yoga? Of course, it’s taking beautiful photos! Is it too lonely to take photos alone? This two person Yoga photo guide quickly collect it! Taking a pair Yoga photo with a good sister is warmer than your own yoga photo.

Oh ▼ a yoga sister can not only help each other, but also more deeply practice some postures with the help of someone.

One is to do the latch pose, the other is to do the king’s pose, and the elegant dress is really beautiful! ▼ symmetrical beauty ▼ help the other person practice handstand so that it is safer ▼ Xiaobian likes this picture very much.

How about you? ▼ the two person wheel pose practiced in this way is really beautiful ▼ the two person yoga is about trust and connection ▼ a monkey pose, a back bend on the roadside where the sun is about to set, and it is really beautiful ▼ the two person yoga with male friends.

Do your male friends practice yoga? ▼ the Mermaids on the beach are really beautiful.

Enjoy the sun and yoga ▼ get together with your best friend to take a group of beautiful yoga photos for two! If the source of the content published in this official account is indicated, the copyright belongs to the original source (those that cannot verify the copyright or do not indicate the source are collected from the network)..

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