Guangzhou yoga studio decoration design company [free quotation, free design]

Guangzhou yoga studio decoration design company [free quotation, free design] free room measurement, free design and three sets of decoration schemes for reference [undertaking project] home decoration: 1.

Second hand house hardbound decoration, small house decoration, hairy room decoration and villa decoration.

(all inclusive, half inclusive and clean-up) 2.

Small house type transformation, second-hand house renovation, old house renovation, local decoration (kitchen and bathroom renovation, living room renovation and bedroom renovation) 3.

Wedding house decoration design and construction projects: 4.

Family decoration, local decoration, second-hand house decoration, villa decoration, etc; 5.

Marble, red brick wall, partition wall (glass partition), paint painting, wall renovation, etc; 6.

Kitchen and bathroom refitting, kitchen and toilet waterproofing, waterway installation, weak current engineering production, heating, etc; 7.

Home interior visual background wall, sofa background wall, porch background wall 8.

Maintenance and transformation of other types of home decoration.

Hotline: 13263206035 tooling: 1: office space decoration: office building decoration, shared space decoration, creative park decoration, industrial park decoration, office decoration, conference room decoration, training room decoration, etc; 2.

Store space decoration: clothing store decoration, boutique decoration, specialty store decoration, bookstore decoration, beauty salon decoration, glasses store decoration, high-end shoe store decoration, high-end customized store decoration, chain store decoration, wedding studio decoration, jewelry store decoration, etc; Plant decoration 3.

Exhibition hall space decoration: automobile exhibition hall decoration, flash shop decoration, online shop decoration, exhibition booth decoration, high-end experience store decoration, real estate pre-sale decoration, etc; 4.

Hotel space decoration: star hotel decoration, boutique hotel decoration, international apartment decoration, resort decoration, accommodation decoration, sales office decoration, etc; 5.

Decoration of commercial space: decoration of educational institutions, hospitals, gyms, hotels, clubs, beauty salons, etc; 6.

Dining space decoration: theme restaurant decoration, restaurant decoration, hot pot restaurant decoration, fast food restaurant decoration, Chinese restaurant decoration, farmhouse decoration, coffee shop decoration, teahouse decoration, barbecue shop decoration, bar decoration, western restaurant decoration, deli decoration, catering entertainment decoration, fast food restaurant decoration, milk tea shop decoration, tribute tea shop decoration, Emperor tea shop decoration, Xi tea shop decoration, restaurant decoration Noodle shop decoration, Chinese restaurant decoration, shop decoration, facade room decoration, teahouse decoration and tea restaurant decoration.

[introduction to the shop] we have many years of experience in ceramic tile beauty joint, tile black joint treatment, floor tile beauty joint, glass glue edge sealing construction, beauty joint agent construction, wall cloth beauty edge construction.

In the past few years, we have tried to construct various beauty joint materials in the market, from beauty joint agent to real porcelain glue, we have a deep understanding of the characteristics of various beauty joint materials, and continue to innovate and improve the operation technology, Let the beautiful sewing technology become more and more mature and perfect.

We are committed to the beautiful joints of indoor floor tiles and residential interior and exterior wall tiles.

It is a professional team for door-to-door construction.

Attention shall be paid to the following aspects when making ceramic tile beautiful joints: 1.

Ensure that the construction base material must be flat, solid and free of dust.


The width of the ceramic tile joint should be consistent.

The plastic cross can be used to locate the cross.

The cross is sold in supermarkets in various building materials cities, otherwise it will affect the beauty.


The outlet of the discharge nozzle shall be small and the discharge shall be uniform.


When pointing again after scraping, a small amount of self overflow material at the discharge nozzle can be wiped off with newspapers.


During the construction of small bricks with many cross joints, the materials shall be discharged as little as possible without joint.

When the horizontal joints are filled, the cross joints shall be scraped gently to prevent the material from flowing down.


After construction, it is necessary to wait until the surface of the joint agent is slightly dry.

Generally, 12 hours in summer, 24 hours in winter, spring and autumn.

During the drying process, pay attention to more ventilation, and then remove the spilled material.

It can be basically cured in 7-10 days.


Do not walk on the surface 24 hours after the construction of the ground before the materials are dry, so as not to dirty the ground and pollute the surface of the joint agent.

[our advantages] 1 Technical advantages: rich experience in undertaking various high-level and low-level projects.


price advantage: the cost performance ratio is superior, and there is no intermediate fee.

3 Resource advantages: sufficient personnel, on call, on time and with good quality.


quality advantage: quality is the core of the project, which should not be sloppy at all.

We would rather make less money, but also ensure that the project quality [service process] site measurement – Design – quotation – contract signing – advance payment – Construction – Acceptance settlement – filing.

[service and after-sales] 1.

Material assurance: real materials, green and environmental protection; 2.

Design assurance: meet customers’ personalized needs; 3.

Construction assurance: the construction is standardized and the construction period is rapid.

[service tenet] reasonable price, guaranteed quality, rapid construction period and lifelong maintenance to create satisfactory results for customers.

It is our consistent principle to treat every customer with honesty and reasonable price.

Perfect service: having perfect after-sales service is the way to survive.

Exquisite construction: professional and technical personnel hold a responsible and rigorous attitude in each construction..

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