Heyi Yoga Taifeng Park store is waiting for you to join

Since the opening of the first yoga store and the second Yoga store, we will support more yoga members.

After two months of preparation and research, the new museum will add four classrooms, covering an area of 420 square meters, with the participation of several senior teachers.

During the preparation period, in order to thank the new and old members for waiting, we also launched an exclusive preferential activity for this opening! After two months of careful design and intense construction, the decoration of Heyi yoga hall is coming to an end.

What you saw before is the design effect drawing.

During the construction, we both follow the design and surpass the design.

Just to thank you for your support and patience.

Now, we are ready for you — a beautiful third living space.

Looking for a quiet place and dancing for a thrill, an exquisite woman is no longer a dream.

Brand introduction yoga is committed to improving the physical state of members through the harmonious and unified movement of body, mind and spirit, so as to achieve the unity of body and mind.

Unity Yoga adopts Kaivalyadhama, India G.

S Yoga course is a brand yoga studio with clear positioning.

Adhering to the original Yoga concept, we gather the most authentic teachers to bring members the best course experience and the most harmonious practice environment.

Instead of closing the voice of the world, but looking for the voice of the heart 00:3801 let the body and consciousness unite every step and feel the current enjoyment of life.

Chu Xiaoxiao, the founder of oneness yoga, followed the ram teacher in Nepal and the alshy teacher in Taipei.

The teaching system of oneness yoga is dominated by pure Indian yoga and based on the actual situation of members practicing yoga, forming a unique teaching system that inherits the true meaning of India.

All teachers of oneness yoga have passed the industry authoritative RYT certification of the national Yoga Federation, Regular training and further study every year.

Here you can not only Yoga < book sharing meeting > < Songbo decompression public welfare class > < flower art public class > this will be your third living space < essential oil head therapy public welfare class > < tea art etiquette class > < art public welfare class > Course Introduction bar shaped yoga chair (Office Yoga) Yoga wheel air Slimming yoga female conditioning private teaching shoulder and neck physiotherapy Weimi shaping Yoga ring yoga instructor training Songbo therapy Pilates core bed pregnancy Yoga preferential activities in one Yoga initial member recruitment ing initial members enjoy the following privileges 1 Pre deposit 200 to 2000, which can be directly used to purchase annual membership card, biennial membership card, secondary membership card and private education 2 The top 100 initial members can enjoy a 20% discount on the lifetime products of the club (including private education courses, special color classes and club equipment, excluding special products) ♪ the top 20 will receive 699 yuan worth of yoga mats, and the top 50 will receive a gift bag of yoga clothes ♪ smashing golden eggs at the opening site.

On the opening day, there will be 100% winning activities of smashing golden eggs!!! Haoli grand prize waiting for you to smash customer service wechat store 1: Wanda Plaza store address: Wanda Plaza Metropolitan Kwun Tong court bottom store Tel: 17627824180 (with wechat) store 2: Taifeng Park store address: Taifeng Park Phase I bottom store Tel: 15522223777 (with wechat) scan QR code and pay attention to public account store information.

I knew it long ago..

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