This yoga mat, yoga people have cut off their hands

We have all experienced that after continuous practice of yoga, we will naturally increase the ability of “awareness” unconsciously.

And “consciousness” is a sense of connection.

Practicing with a good yoga mat, the body is completely another kind of “sleep”.

Since 2006, I have been practicing yoga for nearly 16 years.

I have bought many yoga mats, from various PVC, upgraded to rubber, and then to natural rubber, cotton, cotton bamboo, cotton and hemp Thick and thin; Home carpet type, outdoor portable and foldable; Domestic, imported Finally, I met this handy yoga mat that doesn’t need to be replaced.

I believe my baby can be bought directly.

I don’t need to see it.

When I met it for the first time, it was recommended to me by teacher Tian when I went to India to study Yoga six years ago, and it was designed by him.

He has also practiced classical Hatha Yoga for 10 years this year.

The more he practices, the clearer the needs of yoga practitioners.

However, due to the fact that he couldn’t find a yoga mat for people who really understand yoga in the market, when his needs could not be met, he had to find a designer, put forward various needs, constantly select materials and make versions for many times.

After one year, he designed this yoga mat.

Teacher Tian found me, let me experience and give more feedback.

I said, if something is good enough, I will share it without you saying; But if it’s not good enough, your own can’t, because what you share is not the object itself, but the trust of others.

He said that chatting with smart people is not tired, and he can’t take good things.

I asked: is this a cushion? Lao Tian: after practicing for so many years, I increasingly want to have a cushion made of natural materials.

I watched the video of sakuru recommending yoga with cotton mats.

I was very happy, which is completely corresponding to my feeling.

I found a lot of fabrics and tested them before I chose this 100% cotton hand woven material.

For practice, its anti-skid is certainly enough, but the friction between cotton cloth and the ground cannot be compared with rubber pad.

I’ve also tried to add that kind of anti-skid particles under the cushion, but it’s still uncomfortable to do yoga.

It’s simply a simple cotton cushion.

Everyone who buys it should have a rubber cushion.

I call it “cushion”.

I asked: do I have to take a cushion to cushion it when I go out? Laotian: it depends on what you think.

In hotels, you usually don’t need mats.

The carpet doesn’t slide.

The friction of floor tiles at home is different, and some can be paved directly.

If it’s outdoor, it’s necessary to use that kind of portable ultra-thin to keep away the dirt.

After all, it is a beloved thing.

This cushion is also very convenient to fold.

It doesn’t take up much space.

A piece of baggage skin is prepared for other purposes.

I asked: this primary color burr is quite special.

Will it be off-line? Laotian: This burr is specially designed, which is consistent with the simplicity of the primary color, which is its characteristic.

For this rough edge, we need to manually take the steel brush and brush the complete cloth on the edge bit by bit.

The edge has been brushed.

If there is a disconnection when washing with the washing machine, it is normal.

Just cut it off.

It won’t be after washing several times.

I asked: isn’t it 100% cotton? Why is the middle filled with polyester fiber? Laotian: the place you can touch is the fabric, and the lining is definitely 100% high-quality cotton.

You know, I can’t use bad ones.

But if only one or two layers of cloth are too thin, it doesn’t feel good.

But you see, now it has filler inside.

If it is all pure cotton, it will shrink.

I’ve been thinking about what to use for a long time.

Finally, I thought that the last thing I used was washing cotton.

The hand feel has also been improved, the appropriate thickness has also been improved, and the problem of shrinkage has been solved.

I asked: so it can be machine washed? And not shrink? Laotian: Yes, it can be machine washed.

After all, the fabric is pure cotton.

After washing, pull it and then air it.

It’s no problem.

You can use this one directly.

We’ve washed it repeatedly.

And we specially use the enzyme washing method.

We need to grasp the degree to make the cloth moderate in softness, wide and not hard.

Me: I’ve used several cotton pads, but they still slip after a long time; Only one is not too smooth, but the texture is too thick and the hand hurts.

This cushion is really comfortable.

It feels good in the first test.

Laotian: Yes.

So do you think the pure cotton texture of this product is a little hand-woven or old coarse cloth.

It won’t grind or slide, just right.

However, many of our practitioners are used to the excessive anti-skid of relying on rubber pads.

They may feel slippery as soon as they change into cotton pads.

This is to help the practitioner see the body itself and find the relationship between posture and body structure – the rationality of body structure is right, and posture can be easily achieved (listening is a master).

After practicing with it for a week, I don’t want to use other cushions at all, including my treasure – the cotton cushion specially designed for teacher training carried back from India.

The body is intelligent.

When you are willing to feel and connect the body, you will hear its voice.

I feel that when my body uses this cushion, there is a sense of tenderness, warmth, support and acceptance (connecting the earth).

After being steadfast, it will naturally raise the sense of strength of “I deserve such a good thing to love myself” (the growth force nourished by the earth).

So it is the one wrapped in love, relaxed and allowed to exist naturally.

Er, will it be a little mysterious? In fact, the part of experience is limited in words.

In short, it is completely different from the texture of rubber pad.

It is a different sense of connection.

We have all experienced that after continuous practice of yoga, we will naturally increase the ability of “awareness” unconsciously.

And “consciousness” is a sense of connection..

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