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Ten postures for beginners of Yoga (Collection)

Many beginners will encounter a problem: do not know what to practice? In fact, for most beginners, the body is relatively rigid, and all aspects of quality need to be strengthened.

It’s good to practice some basic postures every day.

Today, I recommend 10 classic postures, which can not only open the hips and shoulders, but also stretch the back and inside of the thighs to relax the tense gluteal muscles caused by sitting for a long time.

It is very suitable for beginners’ daily practice.


Stand in front of the mountain and bend your feet together, inhale in parallel on the outside of your feet, straighten your spine upward, extend your side waist and exhale, bend your back downward, look for your thighs, extend your back forward, keep your shoulders away from your ears, put your hands on both sides of your feet, and naturally relax your head.


Stand in Eagle mountain and move your weight to your right foot, lift your left foot upward, wrap your left foot around your right thigh, hold your hands flat on your side, wrap your right hand up and your left hand down from the root of your big arm, Inhale your fingertips upward, lift your chest up, exhale your hips backward and downward, keep 5-8 breaths, and Practice on the opposite side.


Triangle feet are separated by one leg long, your right feet are outstretched, your hands are held flat on the side, your side waist is extended, exhale, and your body bends to the right side, your right hand supports the brick, your left hand points directly above, turn your head to look at the tip of your left finger, keep 5-8 breaths, and Practice on the opposite side.


Yoga_in sits and stands, with your legs open and your hands support the ground on both sides, Inhale, stand straight up, hook your toes back, exhale with your thighs and knees close to the ground, bend your back down, keep your elbows on the ground for 5-8 breaths, restore 5.

Sit at an angle, bend your knees, keep your heels close to the palms of your feet, hold the palms of your feet with both hands, inhale, stand upright and exhale with your spine up, sink your shoulders, keep your knees on the floor for 5-8 breaths, restore 6.

Sit in a cow face position, bend your knees, keep your heels close to your hips, and your left foot comes to the outside of your right hip, The instep is close to the ground, the right foot is placed on the outside of the left hip, the knees are overlapped, the hands are held flat on the side, the left arm is bent upward, the left elbow and the right arm are down, fastened with the left hand to maintain 5-8 breaths, and the other side is changed.


The Swan right leg is bent to the ground, the left leg is stretched back, the hands are supported on the ground, the trunk is upright, the hip is exhaling, the body is forward and downward, the abdomen is close to the right leg, the hands hug the elbows, the forehead is placed on the elbow to maintain 5-8 breaths, and the other side is changed.


Small bridge supine, bend both knees, The heels are close to the hips, the feet are the same width as the hips, the toes are facing forward, the hands are placed on both sides of the body, the palms are facing down, the chest is extended, the exhalation lifts the hips upward, the thighs remain parallel, the legs are vertical to the ground for 5-8 breaths, restore 9.

Needle eye supine, bend both knees, the heels are close to the hips, lift the right leg upward, the ankle is placed on the left thigh, exhale and lift the left leg upward, hold the left thigh with both hands, and when exhaling again, pull the thigh to find the abdomen for 5-8 breaths, Change the other side 10.

Lie on your back with your big toe in your hand, bend your knees, breathe in with your heels close to your hips, lift your right leg up, extend the belt to cover your soles, exhale, slowly straighten your legs, step away with your heels, press down the cushion surface with your left leg, sink your shoulders and keep breathing for 5-8 times, and change the other side # if you like this article, give it a compliment..

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