Let’s see how flexible the Yoga girl is!

Let’s see how flexible the Yoga girl is! Let’s take a look at the face washing exercises of the sister of the natural science department in Laos.

There’s nothing wrong! Beauty, you use your hair as a hat.

It looks like Altman! Brother, when the police came, Tian and his friend drove through the bank.

I wanted to go in and get the money.

The car was temporarily parked on the roadside.

In order to be afraid of being punished by the traffic police, he left him to look at the car.

Sure enough, the traffic police came in a few minutes.

The second cargo stormed into the bank and shouted: brother, the police are coming, let’s go! Dozens of people in such a large hall were silent for an instant, and then the crowd poured out of the bank like a flood…

The university dormitory portrays the university dormitory, which is like a morgue in the morning.

Except for pretending to be dead at six o’clock and going out for a walk, they were sleeping the rest of the time; At noon, like a nursing home, most people are paralyzed in bed, confused, and some hemiplegic can pick up their mobile phones; At night, it’s like a madhouse.

A group of people laugh, cry and cry; Early in the morning, like the CIA, blue and white light reflected on his face, and his fingers kept tapping on the keyboard.

My mouth is so sweet.

I went to the shop to buy watermelon and bought a popsicle.

At this time, a little girl next to me kept staring at the popsicle in my hand.

I smiled and asked: little sister, do you want to eat popsicles? She: Yes.

Me: I’ll give you a nice one.

She: husband.

what the hell.

After dinner, I walked smartly.

The girl’s backpack was too personalized and scared me! The posture of entering the water must be beautiful! It’s a shame that the bear is afraid of dogs.

It must be very hot to send leaflets in summer.

Work first to honor your former girlfriend.

She’s getting married.

I’ll think about it.

The wedding must be attended.

When the groom comes to toast, I must say: the bride is very beautiful.

I’ll do it first.

You’re free.

It’s better to be fat.

“Husband, I’m so fat.

Will you not love me? How?! you lived in my heart when you were thin.

Later, you became fat and couldn’t get out if you got stuck in it”.

Overnight, the mobile phone was swiped by this picture and this paragraph! What beautiful love words, it’s better to be fat, and you’ll be squeezed out when you’re thin.

Fat, others can’t squeeze in, don’t control, keep eating…

A lot of short skirt girls are coming! Thanks to the cleaners who clean the floor very brightly and can look in the mirror.

I enjoyed it in the bank.

Thank you.

Stop talking.

A lot of short skirt girls are coming! This handmade plate must be worth a lot of money.

You don’t have enough alcohol.

You can hide it from the world.

Don’t torture erha.

It’s very painful.

Even if you love your shoes, you can’t do this! You have to be careful next time you play.

It’s too dangerous! He put his arm around her waist and lifted her up.

During the afternoon recess, a petite beauty in the class was cleaning the blackboard.

Because he is not tall, there is a large area where he can’t wipe on tiptoe.

Her effort greatly aroused my desire for protection! Without a word, I went up and said to her kindly, “let me help you.” She looked very moved and said, “thank you.” Then I put my arms around her waist.

As for locking me up? A thief who stole fruit was caught by the patrol and wanted to be locked up.

The thief also said righteously: “didn’t he steal 20 kilograms of mangosteen, as for locking up?” The patrol said calmly, “a monkey stole a peach and was locked up for 500 years.” How can I make myself younger “what if I feel old in my thirties!!!” “Die right away, and then everyone will say, ‘you’re young and gone’.” Naughty little guy, what are you doing? Eldest sister, you must have done it on purpose.

What a poor referee! The back is charming and the front is often beautiful! I didn’t expect to be able to exercise in cheongsam, and it’s very charming! My eldest brother taught me a unique trick.

My daughter-in-law and my colleague’s daughter-in-law were pregnant, and the days were similar.

When my colleague was away on business for about seven months, I drove with two big bellied women to improve my life.

When I went to the hotel, three people ate and laughed happily.

Several eldest brothers secretly looked at me while eating, and the color of envy was obvious.

Three classic jokes a private decided to retire and told his thoughts to the officer.

The officer asked him, “are you married?” Private said, “not yet, sir, but I’m engaged.” “In my opinion, you don’t need to get married,” the officer wanted to change the second-class soldier’s mind.

“The army is your wife.

She gives you clothes, food and housing, keeps your body so good, and keeps you company all the time.

What else may you ask?” “Want a divorce, sir!” The woman sat down on a bench in the park.

Looking around at no one, she straightened her legs and put them on the chair to relax.

“How about walking in front of a tramp for a while?” she said “You’re so brave,” said the woman.

“I’m not that kind of woman!” “Then,” said the tramp, “what are you doing in my bed?” There was a doctor who was silent.

When other doctors saw a doctor, they always had to ask the patient left and right before making a diagnosis, but he didn’t ask the patient to speak or speak, so he began to treat him.

The neighbors said to his wife, “your husband is really a famous doctor.

How radiant your face is.” the wife said, “I don’t know if he is a famous doctor, but he has been a veterinarian for a long time.” You’re the one who spilled maternity.

I: Mom, am I having a natural birth? Dad cut in: you’re a bitch! Mom: the skin is itchy again, isn’t it? Who’s the bitch? I thought I couldn’t hear it!..

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