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Three beauties climbing the mountain in yoga pants are accused of “Shanyuan”. Netizen: they all want to show their good figure!

It’s highly recommended to pay attention to the past two years.

All kinds of “yuans” emerge one after another, which is said by the netizen.

Now there is a “Shanyuan” in Xiaohong book.

It’s often formatted -: people who often climb mountains really don’t wear it like this…

If they travel occasionally, they may wear it like this, but what if it’s for the sake of showing their figure? Who doesn’t love talented girls’ poached eggs when they practice so well: can’t they take off their mountaineering clothes when they can’t climb, Just know this word, right? Han batch of fantasists: if there are no insects on the mountain, it’s no problem.

Recently, after “Foyuan”, there are a batch of “sick yuan” on the Internet: they always claim to suffer from thyroid cancer and thyroid nodules on social platforms.

“Sick women” will first send some words with exquisite hospitalization pictures with their own makeup to introduce that they have a certain disease; In a few days, he is also called “cured” and begins to share his experience of postoperative recovery.

During this process, she will introduce scar repair stickers, health products and other products to netizens, and said she had used them in person with good results.

It was found in a red book that netizens were lying on the hospital bed in patient clothes, exquisite makeup and sweet look.

The following introduction claims that he is suffering from cancer, depression and other diseases.

In a book, a net red said that he had thyroid surgery and removed a lump on his neck.

There were obvious scars on his neck after the operation.

Later, the famous netizen shared his scar removal experience with netizens and recommended a brand of scar patches, surgical patches and scar gel.

And said that insisting on using it can make the scar disappear like her.

After clicking on the home page of the above-mentioned netred, it was found that previously, the netred also shared its experience of removing scars after caesarean section, and introduced the products of the above-mentioned brands.

Another “wanghong” said that he had breast nodule surgery first, and then thyroid cancer surgery.

After that, he shared a health care product he took during his postoperative recovery period, and said in the introduction that “this product can effectively fight cancer”.

During the “illness and hospitalization” of these netizens, many netizens who left messages expressed sympathy to the netizens suffering from the disease and wished them a speedy recovery.

In response to the above phenomenon, a doctor in a third class hospital in Beijing pointed out that generally, patients are not allowed to bring complex cosmetics in public hospitals, most of which are facial cleanser or soap.

“Medicine is a sacred discipline, and hospitals are places to save the lives and heal the wounded.

In order to attract attention, drainage, powder and goods, these people claim that they are seriously ill.

Putting on makeup and taking photos in the hospital is not only a blasphemy to medicine and hospitals, but also a disrespect to patients suffering from illness.

Recommending some products that have not been certified by authoritative institutions to consumers or patients is suspected of false publicity.” The doctor said.

This matter triggered a heated discussion among netizens: I really fell ill and went in to experience it another day…

It is said that the original meaning of “Yuan” refers to a beautiful woman.

As in the past, the word “celebrity” is praising some self-restraint and sociable women.

The appearance of “Buddha yuan” and “sick yuan” has changed the taste of such commendatory words.

Taking “disease” as the reason, gaining sympathy with false people and deceiving users to spend money on shopping by means of false publicity, such network chaos needs to be rectified urgently.

Is it really “sick”? Or for “business”? When you think it over, you will feel horrible.

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