The six most common mistakes of yoga “dog pose”, especially pay attention to!

Add a circle of friends around teachers on wechat ~ if you want to practice yoga well, it is most important to lay a solid foundation.

All difficult movements are inseparable from a solid foundation.

If you want to do a good job in basic movements, details are the most important.

Today, let’s talk about the upper dog pose.

It seems simple, but there is a mystery.

When the upper dog is done, your back bend will be deeper! Six details of the upper dog pose: first, as long as the hand is on the ground, the tiger mouth (the root of the thumb and index finger) must compact the ground downward, and the downward force can have the upward extension force.

The upper dog is a backward bending pose, the abdomen must be extended longitudinally, the abdomen must be retracted and lifted up, and elongated towards the chest.

Second, don’t shrug, don’t shrug, don’t shrug, The important thing is to say three times that the shoulders sink away from the ears, the hands are the same width as the shoulders, the details of three collarbones extend and elongate towards the acromion to help open the chest, the details of neck extension four do not look up, keep the line of sight horizontal, push the hands on the ground, lift the thighs away from the ground, the force of five arms should be vertical to the ground, and the shoulder should not move directly above the wrist, so as to push the chest forward more fully.

In the dog pose, the details of six are, The coordination of hips and legs is very important.

Only when the instep is pushed back and down strongly can the feet remain parallel, activate the activation of hip muscles in the front of the thigh and help lift the pelvis.

However, note that it is not hip clamping, which will limit the extension of the lumbar spine.

In the upper dog pose, you will find that most of the key points in the backward bending pose are involved, such as the parallelism of the legs, the force in the front of the thigh, the participation of the core, the sinking of the shoulder blades, pushing the chest and the extension of the cervical spine.

Apply these points to your back bending practice, your back bending will be deeper, and your lumbar spine will not be squeezed- Today’s topic: yoga poses look the same and are very different.

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