If you meet a woman who practices yoga, marry her!

Add the teacher’s wechat to watch the teacher’s circle of friends ~ what’s good about women practicing yoga? Women who practice yoga are thin, not good-looking.

Lines are the king.

Some women who practice yoga have a good temper, can endure the pain in asana, can eat the pain in life, understand the trivial things in life in yoga asana practice, disdain to be angry about the major events falling from the sky, and can calmly deal with the women who practice yoga.

They are strong in solitude, manage their own time, manage their own health, work Proper entertainment arrangement can also leave a good time for yourself to be alone.

Women who practice yoga concentrate on practicing for one hour every day and persevere for 365 days every year.

They have a beginning and an end to one thing.

Women who practice yoga from beginning to end know how to live in postures without relaxation and relaxation in life.

They know how to nourish themselves.

Women who practice yoga know how to be sophisticated.

Women who practice yoga sincerely treat their bodies and emotions in postures and life Women who practice yoga with others are easy to be satisfied.

They can find the wisdom of life in one move.

They can find the beauty of life in one flower and one grass.

They have a beautiful body and an interesting soul.

Life is enough for the last woman who practices yoga.

If the woman who practices yoga likes you, she will marry.

Yoga woman is simple but not simple – message is rewarded – today’s topic: Yoga woman is simple but not simple.

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