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Yoga doesn’t have to be practiced

In fact, yoga does not have to achieve any goal.

Yoga does not have to achieve perfect temperament.

Through yoga practice, we can overcome the negative energy such as laziness, impatience and hypocrisy, and make our hearts become self-discipline, peaceful and far away from bad habits Improve our body shape, find our own years and enthusiasm.

Yoga doesn’t have to be perfect.

It’s the most true.

Practicing yoga is a process of enjoyment.

Feel the humility brought by bending forward, feel the relief brought by bending back, and feel the energy brought by standing.

Whether the posture is beautiful or not is not important.

It’s important to be aware of yourself on the basis of positive position.

Every subtle awareness can surprise and move us, making us love ourselves more Yoga doesn’t have to be a perfect figure.

Yoga allows us to gain health and temperament.

We can gain natural peace, courage to face the unknown and the ability of introspection.

The positive energy brought by yoga can pave the way for future surprises.

It also allows us to gain age.

Just living like ourselves is the best feedback to life.

Strive to make youth invincible Age obsessed Yoga allows us to learn to grow up.

It is no longer just by running into the world with character, but by learning to talk to the world with a soft heart in a softer way.

You have to ask me what degree I have to practice yoga? You should understand that when you practice yoga, there will always be stronger practitioners than you on the way to pursue asanas.

There is no competition on the way to yoga.

The yoga you have practiced will be integrated into your body, bones and temperament.

No one can take Yoga away from you.

Like reading, yoga needs the lowest cost to achieve the best yoga by yourself.

You don’t need to practice to the degree of a master.

You can feel the inner Being true to yourself, even simple actions, can benefit us all our lives.

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