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Yoga is a gradual exercise

Click on the blue character and pay attention to our yoga.

It is a step-by-step, elegant and safe exercise.

It cooperates with regular breathing in the movement of softness and extension, relaxation and tension, focuses on adjusting the organs in the body to soften muscles and bones, activate collaterals and joints, increase stability, increase muscle endurance, calm the mind, achieve the operation of the body and mind, fully relax the nerves, relieve pressure, and cultivate both body and mind to achieve inner peace and tranquility yoga, To leave space for yourself, you don’t need to pursue difficult asanas, you don’t need to pursue extreme space, you don’t need to compete, put a Zen Music on your mobile phone in the morning, sit for 10 minutes, and meditate based on the sun worship yoga, wake up your body’s energy and start your own yoga time yoga.

If you do the right thing at the right time, you can stand on the yoga mat, adjust your breathing, keep an ordinary mind, and pay attention to your own practice, It is necessary to leave space for the body.

The body space has 10 points.

If the posture is five points, it is good to give yourself more space to deepen the posture.

Three points are deep and eight points are enough.

When you encounter a posture that you can’t do, don’t struggle to feel it yoga.

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