In the summer of 2022, yoga coach classes began to recruit students

▲ apply for time Yoga Pilates ▲ Yoga Pilates comprehensive hall ▲ if life is complicated, you still need to practice internally.

01 – Shenshi Yoga Pilates – Shenshi Yoga business management service company, the first yoga business management organization in Shandong Province and a direct brand – Shenshi Yoga Pilates was established in 2015.

It has an independent coach training system and implanted rehabilitation physiotherapy on the basis of yoga courses.

The real Chinese yoga is suitable for Asians.

Pilates courses achieve good recovery effects, spread Yoga Culture and orthodox Pilates courses! In time ~ Yoga pure / Pilates ~ body shaping heart company vision: spread good professionalism with your heart and make Yoga Pilates live.

Urban survival is always mixed with invisible pressure and burden.

Yoga Pilates can relax the body and mind while stretching the body and relieve fatigue.

Put aside the form of yoga and explore deeply, you will be infected by the orthodox Yoga Culture and philosophy, unconsciously full of positive energy of yoga.

▲ peace of mind, natural and quiet, not surprised in life.

02 – yoga03 – course content – the 15th session of shenshiguang teaching and training class focuses on Hatha Yoga.

The course focuses on laying a good foundation for students through the study of theory and asana.

Starting from the understanding of the history and philosophy of yoga, we will deeply study the bandha method, postural method, cleansing method, human anatomy and physiology, so that students can master the correct theoretical knowledge and teaching skills.

After graduation, we can confidently enter the teacher and lead a yoga class with clear password and demonstration standard.

150 hours: 0 basic hatha yoga instructor training, scientific course arrangement and practice methods, free retraining and improvement opportunities 1.

Yoga culture, the origin of yoga, the development of yoga, yoga genres, yoga and Chinese traditional culture 2.

Yoga breathing pranayama abdominal breathing, chest breathing, complete breathing 3.

Yoga asana standing posture series – sitting posture series, forward bending – backward bending – torsion Handstand supine Asana: from basic asana to deep and advanced asana, from the foundation, framework and linearity of each asana, from learning to practice, to teaching, from point to line and then to face, experience and learn five theme courses! 4.

Yoga Meditation: Dhyana language meditation, candlelight meditation, one point gaze and other meditation types, while adding the experiential learning of meditation and inner meditation.


Yoga bandhas perineal bandhas, standing bandhas, sitting bandhas, big bandhas 6.

Yoga diet diet diet Yoga precautions , diet classification , fasting and resuming 7.

Yoga and chakra distribution of three and seven chakras, correspondence and intersection of chakras, chakra physiotherapy, corresponding posture 8.

Classic Yoga Sutra, Bhagavad Gita, light of Hatha Yoga 9 Yoga practice the essential qualities of excellent yoga teachers, complete yoga curriculum arrangement principles, how to effectively communicate with member students, the positive basic knowledge of yoga, yoga body evaluation system 10, yoga characteristics element meditation is the most comprehensive, singing is the most abundant, and business card detoxification yoga.


Yoga etiquette etiquette yoga instructor prepares lessons correctly, etiquette before yoga teaching, etiquette after yoga teaching, etiquette between teachers and students of yoga instructor 12.

Yoga graduation complete has the ability to teach, the ability to decompose postures, the ability to arrange basic courses, and the ability to innovate courses.

After passing the examination, an international professional yoga skill certification certificate will be issued.


Yoga internship internship company platform will provide paid internship courses to grow rapidly in the professional field.


Yoga business management focuses on cultivating talents in the industry and understanding the development format of yoga.

Shenshi Yoga business management is a graduate student of the training class, free of charge.

04 – previous teaching and training – 05 – industry prospect – the proportion of Yoga population in China in 2016 is 1%; In 2018, the proportion of Yoga population in China was about 4%, with a great increase.

The proportion of Yoga population in the United States is about 20%.

It can be seen that with the continuous improvement of Chinese Yoga consciousness, the number of Yoga population in China is bound to increase.

Introduction to teachers: tens of thousands of courses have been taught.

The rigorous, meticulous and accurate teaching style is deeply loved by members.

Who is suitable for learning? ① Zero foundation yoga enthusiasts ② Yoga coaches and physiotherapy coaches ③ yoga enthusiasts who want to systematically learn yoga posture and understand the theoretical knowledge of yoga teaching ④ pre natal and post natal conditioning and repair, reshape the curve figure and improve temperament ⑤ people who want to adjust the physical and mental balance and change the sub-health state of the body ⑥ people who want to improve the sense of happiness, joy Course arrangement for people with a sense of satisfaction Course Name: Zero foundation Yoga intensive improvement teacher training course (intensive class) course includes: 150 hour course form: boutique small class course (full of 3 people).

Course cost: original price: 12800 yuan; early bird price: 9800 yuan (registered before July 9).

Cost includes: certificate fee, examination fee, training fee, textbook fee Bonus for supporting the opening of the course: one period of free retraining within one year.

Note: ① once the course deposit & full payment is paid, the appointment is successful and will not be refunded.

Please understand! (the course can not be changed but the quota can be transferred) ② if you need to delay in case of special circumstances, please notify the college 10 days in advance and make up the balance.

If you don’t notify, it will be deemed as normal class.

(each person is limited to one chance to postpone) “” {} benefit time 1.2022.07.09 sign up and send custom yoga clothes 2 Send a Chang Lian card.

Registration method: 15684559767 (news store manager hotline).

Address: head office: 14th floor, news building, Wenhua Road..

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