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Do you know the “18 No’s” in yoga class?

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Do not wear non sports equipment into the classroom! Such as jeans, casual pants, daily bra, watches, necklaces, etc.


Don’t be late! Being late will disturb your warm-up and affect the rhythm of other students.


Let the teacher know the injured parts of the body in advance! So that the teacher can make the correct posture when arranging the course and reduce the injury.


Don’t make noise in class! Such as cell phone ring tone, conversation sound, super breathing sound.


Don’t wear shoes to enter the classroom! Please put your shoes at the door.

Students with smelly feet should wash them in advance.


Don’t compare in yoga class! Choose an intensity exercise that suits you.


Breathe! Keep your breathing rhythm.

Don’t hold your breath and breathe quickly.


Don’t rush for success! Fat people don’t eat in one bite.

You’ve been lazy for so many years to practice yoga.

Keep practicing.

The effect will be discussed in half a year.


Each pose makes your own feeling! Don’t be lazy, reduce the intensity, and don’t try to be strong, strengthen the intensity, and retreat and advance independently.


Don’t leave halfway! You lose the stretch and relaxation of the second half.


Pay attention to the protection of the body during practice! In other words, the posture is in the right position, the injury is normal, everyone has been injured, there are risks, and take the initiative to reduce the probability of risk.


Don’t limit your whole body! Afraid of growing muscles, when you grow up, you will not worry so much if you have rich theories.

The whole body includes: arms, shoulders, upper back, chest and abdomen, side waist, lower back, hips and legs and deep-seated muscles.


Participate in the courses of other teachers! Taking part in a teacher’s course often will make you adapt to TA’s course style.

You can feel it from the order of asanas and the time you keep.


Don’t superstitious about a few yoga moves to reduce your stomach! The statement that the waist circumference is reduced by a few centimeters in a few days is the title commonly used in our small series.

Do you have some theory? 15.

Don’t bathe or eat immediately after yoga class! Generally rest for more than 30 minutes, according to their own time arrangement.

Is it comfortable to eat right after a marathon? 16.

Don’t believe that yoga is omnipotent! Expect a better life, but also the beginning of self-discipline.


Learn more and practice more! Yoga is a systematic project.

Please learn the basic knowledge in order to distinguish right from wrong.

Don’t talk about thin stomach.

You have to practice abdominal muscle related postures.


Have your own sense of rhythm! This is a standard to distinguish the level of different enthusiasts.

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