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Yoga pigeon can’t catch your feet? Try using assistive AIDS (elementary practice)

Stamp the blue words on it and pay attention to us! Not long after I started yoga, it was not easy to catch my feet back in Dove style.

But don’t give up easily.

You can still use auxiliary tools to approach the pigeon slowly.


In the semi pigeon pose, the right leg is bent in front, the foot is hooked back, the lower leg is parallel to the front end of the cushion, the left leg is extended backward, the hip is straightened, the toes point to the right rear, the body is folded forward and down, and the forehead is placed on the back of the hand for 1 minute 2 Variant 1: bend the back leg, the side hip is forward, the right knee is outward, the right heel is aligned, the right hip is held here for 1 minute, and feel the external rotation of the right thigh for 3 Variant 2 if the hip cannot be straightened, place a folded Yoga blanket under the right hip, thigh and knee, support the ground with both hands, and keep the hip straightened for 1 minute 4 Variant 3 on the basis of the previous asana, bend the back legs, put on the yoga belt, pull the yoga belt with the left hand, let the left heel close to the body, push the right knee with the right hand, keep the body upright for 1 minute, and practice every day, you will make progress! After you’ve read it, you can watch it before you go 👍。.

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