Yoga teacher said “open chest”, 90% of people may have done wrong!

Add a circle of friends with teachers on wechat to watch teachers ~ teachers often say “open the chest” in yoga classes, but 90% of Jia people may have done wrong.

The right way to open the chest is, you know? First of all, the yoga teacher should be clear about where the chest is.

People who may have practiced yoga for a long time may not really know the specific location of the chest.

Secondly, how to open the chest? The word “open” is too abstract.

Some people don’t know how to implement it, so they have to “open” it in their own way.

Either push the chest forward, or make the ribs protrude, or step on the waist and raise the hips, or push the pelvis forward Opening the chest is not only the opening of the front side of the body, but the expansion of the longitudinal and transverse area of the whole chest, including the front side, rear side, left side, right side and the whole three-dimensional space up and down.

The goal of opening the chest is to achieve the opening, expansion and extension of the whole three-dimensional space.

The physical manifestation of opening the chest incorrectly: the chest is pushed forward and upward, and the abdomen is elongated; Rib protrusion and valgus; Shortening of lumbar space and lumbar compression; The pelvis leans forward or moves forward; The shoulder blades move too close to the midline of the body and fall down; Closed posterior ribs, restricted breathing, physical tension, etc.

These wrong physical performances only move the position of the chest, and do not expand the space of the chest.

Methods and steps for correctly opening the chest: 1.

Whether standing or sitting, or raising and bending your arms, when opening the chest, your body should first maintain a neutral position.


Inhale, expand the chest up and down, left and right, front and back at the same time, spread the shoulder peak backward, widen the clavicle to both sides, lift the armpit, push the upper end of the shoulder blade forward, the lower end backward, and then broaden to both sides.

Push the front wall of the thoracic vertebra backward.

Pay attention not to tighten the stomach or over tighten the ribs.


If you find that the pelvis rotates backward and the thigh moves forward in the process of doing, you need to guide the practice of pushing the thigh backward.

The body is stiff and the chest cannot be opened.

Not only can the backward bending posture be done, but the practice of other postures is also very difficult.

Today, I’d like to share 8 Yoga chest opening moves.

You can practice it when you lie down.

As soon as you open your chest, you will have all your temperament.

The effect is very cracked.

You must practice more! 01.

The Yoga brick is in the open chest supine position, the legs are bent and the soles of the feet are on the ground.

The Yoga brick is placed in the middle of the shoulder blades and the back of the head.

The hands are naturally on the ground.

Pay attention to starting the core and stay for 1-2 minutes.


Prepare for the pug four corner kneeling position, inhale the feet apart from the hips, straighten the hands forward, extend the spine, put the Yoga brick under the hands to support the exhalation, tighten the core, open the chest, armpit and forehead to the ground, and stay for 5-8 breath03 Support the camel pose to kneel on both knees, and enter the camel pose with the thighs perpendicular to the ground.

Put a yoga brick on the outside of the feet to inhale, extend the spine, exhale, tighten the core chest, open and push forward, support the Yoga brick with both hands, bend back slightly, and stay for 5-8 breaths.


The upper dog pose retreats from the upper one.

Entering the upper dog pose can raise the distance between the legs and the ground, inhale, push both hands to the ground, extend the spine, exhale upward, and tighten the core, Open the chest, push forward, retract and sink the shoulder blades, stay in the prone position for 5-8 breaths.


Open the chest in the figure of eight.

Stretch your hands straight and stick them flat on both sides of the body to exhale, keep your right hand still, bend your left leg to the right side and step on the ground, stay for 1-2 minutes, then lie on the other side, cross your hands and stick them flat on your chest, with your left hand on the top, your right hand on the bottom, and your palm on the top for 1-2 minutes.

Exchange your left and right hands 06.

Simply sit and spread your shoulders.

Simply sit, Breathe in with a yoga brick under the sitting bone, cross your hands on the back of your head, exhale, tighten the core, recover your ribs, push your arms back, fully open your chest and stay for 5-8 breaths.


Stand on the back of your hips with your feet wide from your hips, hold your hands on the back of your hips, exhale with your fingertips to the side, tighten the core and roll your tailbone, lift your hips up, push your feet down strongly, open your chest, push your jaw slightly, close your shoulder blades in the middle, and your knees forward, Stay for 5-8 breaths 08.

Support the fish supine position, hold your elbows on the ground and exhale with your forearms close to the ground, tighten the core, open your chest and retract your shoulder blades.

Pay attention not to tilt your head back, stay for 5-8 breaths ▼ old teacher ▼ wechat ▼ yoga music ▼ fine selection ▼ today’s excellent selection of Yoga people are watching..

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