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1 set of Yoga morning exercise sequence to wake up the stiff body, and complete the whole day of practice!

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I believe that many Jias have the habit of morning exercise.

If you practice sun worship several times in the morning, you will feel that your stiff body will wake up at once! Morning yoga can not only wake up the body, but also promote blood circulation, speed up the body metabolism, and make you energetic all day! So, today I share a set of Yoga morning exercise sequence, which is simple and practical! Practice quickly.

Action 1: prepare for mountain pose, breathe in with legs slightly wider than shoulder width, bend elbows with both hands to exhale in the shape of W, tighten the core, rotate the shoulders outward to inhale, restore, and repeat 15-20 times action 2: keep mountain pose, breathe in, straighten both hands, stand on tiptoe heels, inhale, restore and repeat 15-20 times action 3: exhale with legs one and a half shoulders apart, tighten the core, turn right, and then bend forward to touch the right foot, inhale, restore exhalation, Change the other side, repeat 10-15 times action 4: mountain pose, put your hands naturally on both sides of your thighs, exhale, tighten the core, bend your side to the right, bend your elbow to the left, pull up, inhale, restore your exhalation, tighten the core, repeat 10-15 times action 5: clench your hands, exhale, tighten the core, swing your hands to the right and up like playing golf, inhale, restore, exhale, Repeat the exercise on the other side for 10-15 times.

Action 6: Goddess preparation, inhale with both hands in the form of a bird king, straighten the legs, exhale, tighten the core body and bend forward, inhale, restore repeat the exercise for 8-10 times.

Action 7: double angle preparation, exhale with the left hand in the middle of the feet, tighten the core, twist the chest to the right, inhale, restore, repeat for 10-15 times, and then switch sides.

Action 8: return to goddess preparation, inhale, and breathe with both hands on their hips, practice pelvic forward leaning Tilt back and repeat 15-20 times.

Action 9: return to the goddess pose, clench your hands in front of your chest and exhale, tighten your core right hip and drive your right leg around to inhale, restore and exhale.

Repeat the exercise for 10-15 times on the other side.

Action 10: mountain pose, stretch your hands upward to cooperate with your breathing, and swing your left and right legs back and forth to repeat the exercise for 15-20 times..

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