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14 simple yoga pose combinations that you can practice alone at home (collection level)

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Many yoga people leave messages on the backstage of Yoga people saying that although they are willing to practice yoga at ordinary times, they don’t have time to go to the yoga studio for practice, so it’s over.

So today’s yogi Xiaobian will introduce 14 yoga pose combinations to you.

You can practice alone at home.

It can help you eliminate your impetuosity, concentrate and establish a sense of life balance! What are the requirements for practicing at home? 01| there is a certain foundation.

First of all, we think it is best to practice yoga at home alone when there is a certain foundation.

If the asana is not standard enough, your yoga practice effect will be greatly reduced.

02 | pay attention to the environment.

The environment should be ventilated and the temperature should be moderate.

Especially in summer, do not practice with the air conditioner on.

03| overcome the “inertia” and practice yoga alone.

Because there is no supervision, it is easy to give up halfway.

The key to achieve the effect of practicing yoga is persistence.

04 keep quiet.

Don’t practice yoga with video and TV on.

It’s not good for us to enter the state of meditation.

It is best to ensure that you are not disturbed during the exercise.

Practicing yoga at home, you can try these next asanas.

1 stand facing the wall in the mountain pose, with your feet at the same width as your hips.

When inhaling, stretch your arms upward, keep your torso upright, keep your hands five fingers apart, keep your arms straight, and feel like a pair of wings on your back.

Stretch your fingertips upward, feel the energy flowing upward from your feet, and maintain 3-5 breaths.

2 the downward dog variant stands facing the wall, keeping a proper distance from the wall, and keeping both legs straight and close together.

Bend your body forward from your hips and hold your hands against the wall with your palms slightly higher than your shoulders.

Slowly move your hips back and extend your spine.

Maintain 3-5 breaths.

Official account: yoga_in, a variant of Yoga honeymoon 3 warrior three forms, continues to do it from the upper individual form, slowly raises your right leg, and stretches straight back.

The body should be balanced and stable.

The arm support should be more powerful than the downward dog variant.

Try to keep the straight right leg in line with the trunk and arm.

After 3-5 breaths in this position, continue with the other leg.


The half moon variant starts from the downward dog variant, slowly lift the right leg, twist the body sideways, and support the ground with the left hand downward.

The lifted right leg is pushed back and straight out, the body weight is placed between the left leg and the left hand, and the right hand holds the wall to maintain body balance.

Hold 3-5 breaths in this position and repeat on the other side.

5 standing forward bending and stretching: stand with your feet at the same width as your hips, with your arms folded back above your head and your hands holding the elbows of the other arm respectively.

The body bends forward from the hip position to the front, and it can be bent by an appropriate range according to its own physical conditions.

Maintain 3-5 breaths.

6 triangle stretch with feet at an appropriate distance apart, arms horizontal and shoulder height.

Lift the right heel off the ground, retract it 45 degrees and fall down, just facing the arch of the left foot.

Keep both legs straight and strong to keep the body stable.

The right arm drives the right waist to lengthen to the right and lower.

Try to keep the extension of the side waist and arms.

After stabilizing the shoulders and side waist, put your right hand on your feet and focus on your right hand.

You can use yoga bricks as an aid.

Hold 3-5 breaths in this position.

7 side angle stretching continues from the upper pose to the lower pose, maintaining the support of your left hand on the Yoga brick or the ground, and bending your left knee.

Straighten your right arm down to the ceiling, keep your right leg straight, and keep an angle of 90 degrees between your left thigh and left calf.

Hold 3-5 breaths in this position.

8 keep your legs as wide apart as possible to keep your body standing steadily.

Bend your upper body forward, hold the outside of your ankles on the same side with both hands, and stick your head to the ground.

If your physical conditions do not allow this for the time being, you can use yoga bricks to help you feel the extension of your legs and spine.

After 3-5 breaths, stand and relax.

9 the warrior yogi (id:yoga_in) starts from standing, with his feet about one step apart, his right foot turning 90 degrees to the right, and his left foot turning 30 degrees to the same side.

His arms are raised horizontally, parallel to the ground, and his palm is down.

Straighten the right leg, straighten the knee, and bend the left knee until the left thigh is parallel to the ground, and the left calf is vertical to the ground.

The left knee cannot exceed the toe, and the right leg is fully extended backward and the knee is tightened.

After 3-5 breaths in this position, switch to the other side of the body.

Sit on the yoga mat in the boat pose, with your legs straight and close together, your toes taut forward, and your arms on your sides.

Slowly lift your legs and upper body, extend your arms to both sides of your body, and place your palms opposite each other at your knees.

Your body is V-shaped.

Hold 3-5 breaths in this position.


In the lying position, do the leg up pose and then the individual pose.

Lie on the yoga mat and slowly raise your left leg with the sole of your foot facing the ceiling.

If your body is flexible enough, you can use the extension belt.

Otherwise, you can use the extension belt to tighten your raised left leg.

After 3-5 breaths, change the right leg.

12 supine one leg twist continues from the top to the bottom, with the body lying flat.

Turn your left leg straight to the right, and let your right hand tighten with the stretching belt to feel the stretching of the hip muscles.

After 3-5 breaths in this position, change the right leg.

Starting from the angle pose, bend your knees to both sides of your body, so that your heels are close to the perineum, the soles of your feet are relatively close, the thighs are separated to both sides, and the knees are lowered.

Straighten your spine up, look forward, and then put your elbow on the pad at your calf.

Bend your body forward, and slowly put your forehead on the pad in front of you.

You can place a yoga brick as an aid.

Hold 3-5 breaths in this position..

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