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A man’s knees fail before he grows old? How’s your knee? (Yoga physiotherapy attached)

It is said that the knees of people fail before they grow old.

It is our knees that are more likely to age than our legs! Have you ever had a particularly sore knee after running? Have you ever tried going up and down stairs with knee pain? If so, today’s knee physiotherapy sequence is particularly suitable! Don’t wait until your knee hurts to protect it.

It’s too late! Today, this set of knee Yoga physiotherapy sequence is especially suitable for people with knee pain caused by unbalanced thigh muscle strength and insufficient hip external rotation.

Even if you have no problem with your knee joint, it is recommended to include it in your daily exercise to maintain your knee joint! Action 01 Get ready for the long foam shaft and side position Place the foam shaft on the outside of the left leg and roll back and forth Scroll for about 60 seconds and then move to the other side 02 Prepare a yoga brick and stand on the yoga mat The core is slightly retracted, the chest is open, and the inner thigh is covered with bricks With the breath, feel the Yoga brick on the inner thigh Stop for 5-8 breaths 03 Continue to clip bricks in the inner thigh Exhale, bend your hips and knees, and squat your hips backward Feel the inner thigh Stop for 5-8 breaths 04 Exit from the magic chair pose and take a big step backward with your right leg When entering Soldier 1, pay attention to the straightening of hips The left knee is vertical to the heel, and the knee is aligned with 2.3 toes Stop for 3-5 breaths and move to the other side 05 From soldier one to soldier two, pay attention to the straightening of hips Bend your right leg to align your knees with 2.3 toes Feel the external rotation and abduction of the hip joint and activate the gluteal muscles Stop for 5-8 breaths and move to the other side 06 Exit Warrior 2 and enter crescent pose Prepare two bricks with the back to the wall The left leg is in front and the right leg is bent behind Stick the back of your right foot to the wall and pad a blanket under your knee Feel the stretch of the front thigh with your breath Stop for 8 breaths and move to the other side 017 Lie on your back, knees bent, knees vertical to your heels Yoga bricks are sandwiched in the inner thighs, and both hands fall on the sides of the body Exhale, tighten the core and lift the hips up Feel the inner thigh exertion and stop for 5-8 breathing movements 08 Lie on your back on the yoga mat and prepare the Yoga stretching belt Keep your right leg straight on the ground and your left leg straight up Stretch the strap over the sole of your foot, and stretch the strap with your left hand close to your body Keep your waist and back on the yoga mat Stop for 8 breaths and change the other leg movement 09 Lie on your back with your hands straight over your head The right leg overlaps on the left calf Bend your upper body to the left Feel the stretch on the right side of your body Stop for 1 minute and switch sides for 10 Finally, sit up slowly and enter King Kong’s seat Put a yoga mat under the sitting bone to increase the knee joint space Tighten the core, keep your back straight, and stay for 1-2 minutes.

When you are aware of the pain in your knee joint, your knee joint is basically in an irreversible condition.

Therefore, when the pain has not yet occurred, take precautions! The content of this article comes from the Internet.

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