After retirement, he became a yoga instructor and took 7 Yoga certificates in five years. This “little sister” is really good!

My name is wangdongxia.

I am a retired employee.

I am 57 years old and will be in my 60s.

But I am not willing to be mediocre! So after I retired, I started the second spring of my life! If you ask me why I choose to be a yoga teacher, the answer is actually very simple: I want to have something to do after retirement.

Sister Xia recalled that she practiced yoga and said: at the age of 49, I was not retired at that time.

Because I had to sit for a long time every day at work, I felt particularly uncomfortable in my shoulder, neck and lumbar spine.

So I heard that practicing yoga was particularly good for improving sub-health.

So I got a fitness card and started my yoga practice journey! It’s really difficult for me to get started with yoga.

I feel stiff everywhere.

I feel sore after class for the first time! But the strange thing is that although I feel sore, I feel happy physically and mentally, especially comfortable! So she changed from oneortwo classes a week to threeorfour classes a week.

Sister Xia found that she liked Yoga more and more! When talking about why she wanted to be a yoga instructor, sister Xia said: I once saw a 60-70-year-old brother on TV who is still teaching yoga.

It has a great impact on me.

Other people are still enjoying life and starting a new chapter at the age of 6070.

Why don’t you try it? In the five years since she became a coach, she has not only obtained a yoga instructor certificate, but also learned some practical physiotherapy courses, such as postpartum repair.

There are a total of 78 certificates.

Sister Xia said: these certificates are proof of her value and an important node in the process of life! At first, my family really wondered: how long can I last? Can I do it? Up to now, my family has not only dispelled their doubts, but also supported me to do what I like! Yes, as long as you want to, you must act, and when you act, you must persist! If you ask me who can practice yoga? Stiff people practice yoga, it can make you soft! Older people practice yoga, it can make you younger! People who are hesitant to practice yoga, it can make you firm! Yoga is like a marathon in life.

Only by perseverance can we achieve our goals! Yoga station breathing meditation reading life yoga long press the QR code to pay attention to me..

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