Come and collect the wool! Learn yoga for free! The new namo yoga studio is open to make money while learning, so that you can be a baifumi!

Click to pay attention to more than 10 courses such as Nanmo fat reduction and shaping, TCM meridian dredging, menstrual conditioning, postpartum repair, shoulder and neck physiotherapy, breast dredging, decompression meditation yoga, dance rhyme yoga, etc.

9.9 rush purchase: from June 22 to June 30, 23:59, only this time! At 24:00 on June 30, the original price will be restored immediately! The 7th anniversary of the new pavilion of the Loudi campus of namo yoga \build the largest yoga teacher training base in South China \0 “tuition fee is 100% to you.

My dear friend Buddha said: 500 times of looking back in the previous life can only be exchanged for a passing in this life, and thousands of times of looking back in the previous life can only be exchanged for a meeting in this life.

I have been in front of the Buddha for 500 years, just to embrace you now.

The epidemic situation is repeated in the spring of 2022.

Are you ok? Have you been affected by the epidemic? This spring, Nama yoga has been ready to go and has achieved several major events.

Finally, we waited! On June 21, international Yoga day, the 7th anniversary celebration of Nama Yoga officially opened! At the same time, the largest yoga studio in Loudi – namo Yoga Loudi South Station officially accepted registration and reservation! This is a yoga studio you haven’t seen.

It’s a yoga studio, but it’s not just a yoga studio.

The new pavilion is located in the South high speed railway station of Loudi City, Hunan Province.

It is accessible from the station.

It is quiet in the middle of trouble.

It has a wide site, diverse scenes, convenient transportation and connects the whole country.

The yoga industry exchange meeting, yoga master meeting, yoga competition and health technology conference will be held here.

Their multi-function and multi integration will be presented one by one in the future.

Relying on this hall, a new business form of yoga industry was born, and Loudi yoga industry ushered in a new breakthrough! The epidemic has made us deeply aware of the importance of health.

The more we experience, the more we can find out what people are pursuing day and night, such as diamond rings, famous watches, luxury houses, sports cars, high paying jobs in Colleges and universities, perfect partners and model families, which can be lost, but the word “health” cannot be.

To keep healthy, we only need three factors: a strong body, a clear mind and a reasonable law of life.

After that, we can have infinite energy to pursue anything beautiful.

My friend, Nama Yoga wants to give you wealth, wisdom and happiness.

We start with health and take yoga as the medium to bring you comprehensive physical and mental growth and lifestyle improvement, and create wealth, wisdom and happiness together.

The 7th anniversary celebration of the Loudi campus of namo Yoga continued to launch cost-effective children’s yoga, women’s yoga, online private education and yoga training courses.

On July 12, Loudi South Station of namo Yoga opened, and special courses were scheduled.

The following is the course information, please save it.

Namo Yoga online experience course – the first experience price is 9.9 yuan.

Are you still worried about your “little belly” just entering the summer? Exercise 3-5 times a week.

It only takes 45 minutes each time to achieve the excellent effect of reducing fat and shaping.

Oh, it’s better to have a vigorous private training course of fat reducing yoga! Waiting for you to become beautiful together! The weather is hot.

You feel a huge temperature difference when you go out of the air-conditioned room for a long time.

At this time, the influenza virus quietly comes to the door.

If you are not careful, you will easily catch a cold and have a fever, diarrhea and stomach pain.

Why don’t you hurry to have a gentle and nourishing traditional Chinese medicine meridian conditioning Yoga? It’s a bad step to improve your physique! Nine times out of ten, life is not going well.

The mood needs to be soothed, and the psychology needs to be nourished.

A decompression meditation yoga can change your present.

If you are destined, it will also change your future.

After working hard for half a year, he “made” a lot of small mistakes in his job.

Stiff shoulders and neck, aching back, weak body every day, chaotic brain, and depressed mood indicate that you really need a dose of Yoga prescription for comprehensive conditioning.

You can choose more than a dozen theme yoga courses.

For details, please contact a private letter, and you can get online posture evaluation and improvement programs.

Limited time rush purchase of experience class: from June 22 to June 30 at 23:59, the original price will be restored immediately at 24:00 on June 30! Grab 9.9 yuan and enjoy the value-added online Yoga private education immediately! After payment, the screenshot is given to Nanmo lady to enter the learning group.


Nanmo yoga is the first summer 21 day training camp for children’s natural yoga.

Enrollment object: children aged 6-18 sign up and enjoy 1600 yuan financial aid! Please get the course link through private mail, and you can get the online children’s posture evaluation and improvement program through private mail.

3、 Namo Yoga ace course – life long Yoga tutor training initial, intermediate and advanced yoga tutor training + Yoga tutor career planning + Yoga tutor employment + Yoga tutor education improvement counseling.

This course is a life-long tutoring course for high-end famous teachers.

For details, please contact us in private.

4、 Nanmo Yoga postgraduate entrance examination guidance – the master of Yoga intensive lecture class covers exclusive information about yoga postgraduate entrance examination, selection of postgraduate entrance examination institutions, key materials for internal yoga postgraduate entrance examination professional courses and intensive lectures on Yoga postgraduate entrance examination professional courses.

For details, please send a private letter.

The above two, three and four courses are “Online + offline” integrated teaching..

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