Fundamentals of Yoga – effect and time of meditation

Click the blue word, pay attention to us, get more yoga knowledge + practice you are glory and light Yoga science tells us that in order to achieve the desired effect in meditation, it needs a continuous and stable time.

Click the video to watch the impact of mindfulness meditation on the brain and life.

The more you practice, the stronger you will be.

Most meditation lasts 11 or 31 minutes.

3 minutes of meditation will affect the electromagnetic field, blood circulation and stability.

The 11 minute meditation begins to change the nervous and endocrine systems.

The 22 minute meditation will balance the three mind parts and make them start to work together.

Thirty one minutes of meditation causes glands, breathing and concentration to affect all cells and body rhythms.

62 minutes of meditation will change the gray matter of the brain and integrate the subconscious “shadow mind” with the external desire.

2.5 hours of meditation will change the relationship between mental power and the surrounding magnetic field, making the subconscious mind firmly in the new mode of the mind of the surrounding universe.

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