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Guru yoga is originally a secret Dharma, which is only told to internal disciples who really wish to become Buddha

Click the “big doctor Yanming” button to pay attention! Have you noticed the harm of the incense you usually use? Have you worked hard to find natural fragrance? Have you ever hesitated about which incense to choose? Huiming light | Dharma sound treasure · Bodhi · wisdom guru yoga is originally a secret Dharma, which is only told to internal Buddhist disciples who really hope to become Buddhas.

This teaching method may be difficult to help the public.

Why do you say that? This is because when teaching how to rely on the guru, we have to talk about many parts, such as how to respect the guru, how to abide by the guru’s teachings, how to visualize the guru, and so on.

For many beginners, these teaching methods are difficult to accept because they do not understand the reason.

To those who listen to it casually, their hearts cannot tolerate it.

When practicing, it is difficult to have two kinds of feelings.

The first is to regard guru as Buddha, and the second is Bodhi Heart.

If you don’t have the karma and blessings of your previous life, you can’t achieve it at all.

Since you asked to talk about guru yoga today, I’d like to talk to you for the time being, hoping to enlighten some of the listeners.

At present, all the Buddhist magic weapons owned by our Gelug Sect, such as the theory of the five books of Xianzong, are passed on from Indian masters of all dynasties.

These teachings all come from the kindness and virtue of gurus of all ages.

If there were no masters of all ages, we would have no chance to read these teachings.

When practicing guru yoga, we should see Sakyamuni Buddha.

We must know how the Buddha came.

How did Buddha become a Buddha? He got it by looking at the physical achievements of the historical gods Loba, naroba and malba? They all achieved instant success by relying on the guru! He became a Buddha only after becoming a guru.

The inheritance of our Gelug Sect has been very prosperous for 500 years.

This is precisely because our guru practices yoga very well without any mistakes.

Therefore, when practicing guru yoga, look at how all the achievers in history achieved their achievements, and you will understand.

It is impossible to become a Buddha without relying on the guru, and it is impossible to break away from samsara.

Guru’s Yoga method is mainly to practice Yizhi guru, which is found in Xianmi.

If you don’t understand this aspect, it is difficult to achieve.

As for how to rely on the guru, the requirements of Mahayana, Manifesto and Tantra are different.

The more you practice, the more strict you will be.

In terms of guru yoga, if you understand the difference between righteousness and non righteousness, the so-called goal of becoming a Buddha is not far away.

Therefore, we must understand that as disciples, they do not practice guru yoga for the benefit of master.

This is simply because it is necessary for practitioners to rely on and stop guru from ordinary people to becoming Buddhas.

The inheritance of the Gelug school attaches great importance to Guru Yizhi and guru yoga, and there can be no mistakes at all.

No matter what kind of guru you are, if you have learned Dharma from him, you must respect him.

Otherwise, your path of becoming a Buddha will be like having a big stone and can not pass.

If you don’t understand the guru’s yoga, but only regard the guru as an ordinary person, and think that the guru will be hungry, must eat, and angry just like yourself…

This mentality is not good.

At the end of the Dharma era, the guru seen by most disciples was flawed from head to toe.

In this way, Dharma cultivation would not be achieved at all.

We may have a lot of masters who have taught us Dharma and given us spiritual enlightenment.

Among them, there are ordinary monks and eminent monks.

Some are famous and some are not.

In today’s era, it is often the famous guru that we respect, and the non famous guru that we don’t respect.

For an ordinary guru, we will even order him to wash dishes and clothes in the end! If we practice with this attitude, our practice will be over! If we were to distinguish between ourselves, we would think that the master was very well-known.

We thought to ourselves, “in addition, the master is not well-known.

Is it useful to learn from him?” We should treat the master differently according to his fame and status.

If we practice with this mentality, we will not achieve anything at all.

In fact, it’s not just everyone.

From my experience, there is also such a bad trend in temples.

In the past, I was a disciple Yizhi guru, but in today’s era, it seems that it is almost like master Yizhi, and master wants to listen to his disciples.

In this era, it is very difficult to practice, but precisely because of this, the achievement of the indistinguishable blessing of the guru and the Buddha in this era is also faster, and the practitioner will soon gain enlightenment.

If you just observe the Buddha, his blessing is great, but it may not be so fast.

Therefore, it is the best way for the above masters and Buddha to practice in the same way.

If one person only thinks that he or she is the original master of the king of Matou Ming, and another person thinks that the guru and the king of Matou Ming are the same and integrated with themselves, their accomplishments will be completely different, and the latter will achieve much faster.

In the past, I have taught prospective disciples how to observe the prospective guru and how the prospective guru should observe the prospective disciples.

At the end of the law, it is very difficult to find a qualified guru.

It is very difficult to find the ten virtues guru mentioned in the precepts.

However, there are two conditions that must be adhered to.

First, between the interests of the present life and the afterlife, the prospective guru attaches importance to the afterlife; Second, between worldly Dharma and Buddha Dharma, he chose Buddha Dharma.

Besides, his heart must be very, very kind.

If the guru chooses to attach importance to the worldly Dharma between Buddhism and worldly Dharma, it will bring many obstacles to the disciples.

The disciples will have many problems in their minds.

For example, the master asked you to do this or that, but you are very busy and have no time to do it.

There will be many problems in the relationship between teachers and disciples.

In general, we must choose the one that is most beneficial to us.

When the disciple has completed this observation stage, he has decided to learn from a certain master.

Then he should accept the teaching method.

After receiving the method, he will study hard to practice.

Then he will surely gain benefits..

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