Linxinru does aerial yoga. She wears a black Yoga suit and has a good view of her figure. Her plain face is also very beautiful

We all know that many female stars do not hesitate to spend a lot of money to maintain their young beauty in order to maintain their bodies.

For example, Yi Nengjing, Lin Qingxia and others, the expenditure on skin care products alone is enough for ordinary people to live for several years, so they are white, beautiful and in good condition.

In fact, in addition to investing in skin care products, many female stars also pay attention to exercise.

For example, Sun Li practices yoga all the year round.

Zhang Junning, liruotong and others like fitness, so they are slim and beautiful.

Recently, Linxinru posted a video of her own practice of aerial yoga on the social platform.

In the video, she was wearing a black Yoga suit and had a good figure at a glance.

Although aerial yoga was difficult, Linxinru was able to complete it with ease.

In fact, this is not the first time that Lin Xinru has aired videos of yoga practice.

She has previously sent videos of herself practicing difficult movements.

I think she often practices yoga at ordinary times.

No wonder she is in good shape.

Lin Xinru is a natural beauty.

When he was young, he was also one of the best in appearance.

Otherwise, he would not have taken advantage of the fire in “huanzhu gege”.

Although he is now in his 40s, his plain face is also beautiful.

Except that his skin is a little yellow, there are no crow’s feet at the corners of his eyes, even the common Dharma patterns.

It can be seen that his appearance is good.

It’s easy to be younger than your peers if you work harder the day after tomorrow.

When it comes to the maintenance of female stars, I have to mention Yi Nengjing.

She is an extremely self disciplined female star.

She has a lot of experience from diet to skin care to exercise.

In addition, she will send her experience to the social platform to share with you and help more people in need.

With a strong heart, extreme self-discipline and high EQ, Yi Nengjing is happy.

Even though many people don’t like her, she is still a good mother, wife and daughter-in-law.

Although Linxinru and Yi Nengjing are two different types of women, their common ground is independence, self-improvement, positive and very assertive.

Such a woman, whether in the entertainment industry or in other industries, will be better than ordinary people.

I hope they will develop better and better in the future…

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