Yoga ten day talk | the eighth day | reaching the top chakra

Yoga Decameron day 8 top wheel 28Jun Tuesday’s journey to the true self yoga to enhance energy yoga to delight the body and Mind Yoga Decameron seeks the British poet williambrake wrote: “when you see the fragrance of flowers, who can explain why small flowers have such a sweet fragrance? People have forgotten the eternity of flowers.” In the process of life, a seed on the ground will germinate and grow.

The Bhagavad Gita has this passage: “we should face life squarely and discover the eternal truth in life with unswerving faith.” Reaching the top chakra is actually a collection of six lower chakras.

This is an open space with 1000 meridians (nerves) on both sides.

When Kundalini energy penetrates into the marginal area, and then the Enlightenment of these meridians occurs, they can be regarded as flames in all seven colors of vibgyor – gentle and stable flames.

The final flame, when integrated, will become a crystal clear flame.

The seven chakras are all turned into crystals and become clear when they merge into the crown chakra.

When the crown chakra is enlightened, it takes the form of a burning flame.

At the same frequency, when Kundalini reaches the top chakra, the lotus petals of the top chakra open and self realization occurs.

Some people will feel a strong palpitation on the top of the head, and then a melting feeling, followed by a cool flow into the forehead.

This is a real baptism and rebirth.

At this time, the perception of life energy begins, and our life energy is adjusted to the frequency of the universe.

In the past, it seemed that we were still in an egg state, unable to perceive this energy.

When we reach the top chakra and enter a subtle way of communication, we will become a vessel filled with cosmic life energy.

Through the perception of life energy, we begin to appreciate the beauty in the depths.

Both art and nature express their beauty by releasing energy.

The Qur’an says, “on the day of redemption, our hands will speak.” Reaching the top chakra, consciousness adjusts to infinity.

Naturally, the whole person was enlightened.

The ancient sage once wrote a poem in praise of this place, which is a metaphor for the combination of lovers and lovers.

The Buddha said it was empty, the Mahavira of Jainism said it was nirvana, the Vedas said it was liberation, and Jesus Christ said it was entering the kingdom of God.

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