Maskar said that the creative inspiration of morning yoga came from the live broadcast.

“The live broadcast is very popular, but I don’t quite understand.

What’s the fire? I will study it.

There are all kinds of people in it.

There are many beautiful girls.

Everyone will want to see what the girl is doing and give gifts and money.

I say it’s too exaggerated.

But I also want to watch it all the time.

It’s very strange.

Maybe they are not as far away as the stars.

They are closer to everyone.

The charm may be here.

Then I wrote The motive of this song.

This role I set in the wife, because hot wife, is not easy.

And I encourage everyone to exercise and not to watch the live broadcast all the time.

” Maskar frankly said that when writing this song, she thought that only S.

can interpret this role well, “no one else, you have to be crazy, funny and sexy.

Who can interpret this role well? I really can’t think of it, except her.

Later, she promised very readily and was very friendly.”..

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