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Samanyuga Midong education and training college the importance of pelvis

Before yoga asana practice, we will do warm-up exercises, as well as some hip opening exercises, that is, pelvic exercises.

Hip opening can promote blood circulation and open up our body’s Qi vessels.

Usually, we can’t sit up for a long time, which is very bad for our body function.

Hip movement can adjust the body parts and relax our body and mind.

Pelvic yoga can correct some pelvic irregularities, change bad body shape, and promote blood circulation.

The pelvis is a very important part of the female body.

Our female’s menstrual period, childbirth and detoxification are all undertaken by our pelvis.

The health and maintenance of the pelvis are very important.

However, modern people are in a sedentary state for most of the time.

Impurities and garbage in their Qi and blood will slowly deposit in their pelvis.

However, some ordinary sports rarely exercise their pelvis.

Over time, with poor Qi and blood and blocked channels, various bacteria will breed in the pelvic cavity and cause inflammation! Practicing yoga can just let the flowing energy enter the pelvis.

Many yoga postures can better circulate the blood in the pelvis, help clean up the “hygiene dead corner”, and play a very important role in our health-  .

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