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The practical posture of yoga for weight loss, collection and practice!

Each individual pose of yoga involves small muscle groups and organs that cannot be involved in other forms of exercise, but it is not just a matter of getting rid of fat.

Improve your circulation, physical strength, energy, digestion, sleep and so on.

Yoga has many advantages.

Today I will introduce 12 fat burning Yoga asanas.

It’s time for you to say goodbye to meat! Standing forward bending although it looks passive, the fact is that it is very active.

Fold the hip forward according to your physical condition, and your quadriceps, abdomen, thigh and calf will feel very much.

In particular, it can deeply massage the abdominal organs and help you calm down.

Downward dog pose you can see how versatile downward dog pose is by the number of times it appears in each class.

It seems that it is a static posture, but it is really not.

Don’t you think that a few breaths in downward dog pose are very tired.

It literally ignites the whole body.

To complete it, the muscles must give strong support to the bones, thus strengthening the strength of the hands, arms, shoulders, back, chest, abdomen and thighs.

Warrior pose 2 Warrior pose 2 is almost the most powerful pose.

In addition to the back, shoulders and arms, abdominal strength is also required to balance in this pose.

At the same time, adductor, quadriceps, calf and ankle were used to stabilize.

You see how great it is.

You are so efficient every time you practice.

If you can do the warrior three moves well, it is the best choice for punching in.

Because it is beautiful but not simple at all, the whole back is in a plane with the outstretched arms and legs, which will super strengthen the muscles around the spine.

Such as erecting spinal muscles, it will also tighten the arms, shoulders and upper back.

Like the Warrior II, you can’t do it without the support of abdominal strength and leg strength.

Half moon pose half moon pose is the point of many people.

Every time they do it, they will tear their hearts and lungs.

If your abdomen is flabby and your legs are weak, you won’t be able to do anything at all.

You need to feel the outstretched arm, the contracted gluteus medius, and the opening of the front side of the body.

Every change of asana has a super different sense of awareness, and you will know why it can reduce fat so much.

Keep your elbow and shoulder joints at right angles to your body, enter the prone position on the floor, and support your weight with your toes and forearms.

The arms are bent and placed under the shoulders.

Keep your body straight at all times and stay in this position for as long as possible.

The side plate type does not practice the side plate.

How can the vest line come out.

In addition to the training of the abdominal oblique muscle we all know, the enhancement of arm strength will also affect the serratus anterior and quadriceps femoris.

The more powerful your abdomen is, the less pressure your hands and feet will have.

This pose strengthens the wrists, exercises the legs, and strengthens the waist and tailbone areas.

The tree balance pose looks easy, but it’s really not the case.

For example, in the simplest tree pose, in order to achieve balance, you absolutely need the strength of your abdomen and hips.

The heat burned is not covered.

It can also strengthen both ankles, improve the stability and balance of human posture, and enhance the ability to concentrate.

The king dance is obviously difficult.

In the external rotation and slight retroflexion of the shoulder, it builds strength for the shoulder and chest muscles, and enhances the strength of supporting joints, tendons and ligaments.

King dance can make the scapula move completely and the chest expand completely.

Sprint twist to the high sprint with the right foot in front (the ball of the big toe of the back foot steps on the ground and the heel is raised).

Put your hands together in the center of your chest, twist to the right, and your elbows are on the outside of your knees.

When maintaining the lunge position, both leg strength and abdominal strength will be established to maintain the stability of the lower body.

Twisting will help the blood flow in the body.

The most familiar magic chair style is the magic chair style.

The arm, shoulder, back, abdomen, quadriceps femoris, ankle and calf have too many functions.

When you hold five breaths in the phantom chair pose, the leg fat starts to burn.

Triangle stretch triangle stretch pay special attention to your upper body is not broken, although it is difficult to achieve the position, but it is not to practice your short board! You need to rely on your own strength in the upper body to complete the pose.

Your abdomen also needs to awesome.

At the same time, the extended arm is also transmitting strength.

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