New Yoga Life

A set of liver protection yoga, detoxify and protect the liver, nourish the face and reverse the growth!

Staying up late will not only hurt the liver and spleen, but also lead to physical overdraft, slow response, decreased immunity, forgetfulness and other problems.

Therefore, for those who often stay up late and want to get rid of “stay up syndrome”, they must learn to regulate their body.

If staying up late is unavoidable, then come and practice this yoga to detoxify your liver! Regular practice can not only detoxify and beautify your face, but also make you energetic and younger! Action sequence -1 · starting from the high bow step, the right knee is vertical to the ankle · the hind leg is straight, the palm is in front of the chest, and the feet are about one leg long, with the toes facing outward · exhale, bend the knees and squat down, the knees are aligned with the toes · stand, slightly bend the knees, the right ankle is placed on the left thigh length · exhale, the hips are backward and squat down · the palm is in ten, and each action maintains 8 breaths · the other side, repeat the action sequence -2 · sit and stand, with both sides of the legs open, Toes back hook · left knee, left heel close to perineum · inhale, spine arms extend · exhale, body bends to the right side · sit up, bend knees, feet opposite · exhale, body bends forward · squat, feet slightly wider than hips · toes facing outward, hands folded together · elbows against the inner thighs · sit up, knees bent · legs stacked, try to be parallel to the cushion surface · keep 8 breaths for each of the above actions · repeat the action sequence on the other side -3 · starting from horse riding, Put your hands on your knees · keep 8 breaths, repeat on the other side · take a big step forward with your left leg, toes outstretched · straighten your right leg, hold your hands on the ground · sit up, bend your knees, feet on the ground · lift your left leg on your right thigh · hold your fingers forward behind your hips · keep 8 breaths, repeat on the other side.

Here are three ways to help you get rid of the bad habit of staying up late: physical and mental activities before going to bed, Make yourself tired and “empty yourself” before going to bed, eliminate the distractions in your heart, read prose books before going to bed, and help regulate your mental state.

Nowadays, lack of sleep is bothering countless young Chinese.

It not only hurts your body, but also is not conducive to efficient learning and work.

Therefore, we must stop staying up late.

Don’t let it become a long-term habit-.

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