Top 1 of the most suitable apps for Yoga lovers in 2022!

Summer is Xiaobian’s favorite season.

You can wear short sleeves, vests and large underpants, which is fresh and comfortable.

The whole person is light and floating, and the action has become much more agile~ As soon as summer comes, many people will start to worry about dressing.

The fat they raise on weekdays is not protected by cotton padded clothes.

Wearing thin T-shirts reveals everything.

The so-called “April does not lose weight, but June is sad”.

Although it is already June, according to Xiaobian, there is no need to be sad, because exercise in summer can get twice the result with half the effort.

The amount of sweat and energy consumption will be much greater than that in winter and spring.

It is a pleasure to throw meat in summer! As long as you want, you can always create a bright and hot nicebody like the scorching sun.

If you want to have a slim and slender body, and also have a sense of strength and strong muscle lines, yoga is definitely your best choice.

Yoga is a fitness exercise suitable for men, women and children.

The benefits of Yoga not only affect your body, but also make you self disciplined, calm and outstanding.

Yoga makes people healthy physically and mentally, and effectively prevents all kinds of diseases.

With the rapid development of modern society, many people have been overwhelmed by the tremendous pressure brought by work, life and other aspects.

At a young age, they have been plagued by various chronic diseases and health problems, such as insomnia, hair loss, constipation, migraine, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, endocrine disorders, memory decline, etc.

Practicing yoga can not only stretch muscles, enhance flexibility, relieve body fatigue, but also solve all kinds of old problems of back pain; It can also strengthen blood circulation, improve blood environment, promote endocrine balance and improve immunity; At the same time, it can help you calm your heart, stabilize your mood and improve your mood.

Yoga can beautify your face and improve your temperament.

Yoga can effectively exercise all muscle groups of the body.

If you persist in yoga for a long time, you can have a tall and beautiful body shape and make the muscle lines of the body symmetrical and smooth.

Slim but not thin, strong but not thick.

With a beautiful appearance and a peaceful and stable heart, people can radiate an elegant, confident and calm temperament from the inside to the outside, and the whole person will take on a new look.

Yoga keeps people “young forever” and young.

As we all know, a person’s psychological state is reflected in his appearance.

With a healthy and energetic heart, he can always maintain a youthful and moving appearance.

Yoga can help people relieve psychological pressure and explore the peace of the inner world.

It can also make skin and muscle elastic and delay aging.

At the same time, with a healthy and upward attitude and a shining appearance, eternal youth is not a dream! As a yoga professional we media, we will continue to increase the strength of our favorite fans and show a little more, so that you can really see it! Here, I am pleased to inform you that the yoga practice program, which belongs to every fan’s intimate little assistant, has been officially launched and put into use! ↑↑↑ Click to enter the yoga practice applet ↑↑↑ let me introduce you to this “yoga practice” applet.

The “yoga practice” applet is the intimate assistant of every Yoga enthusiast.

It is also an all-round toolbox, which includes the most commonly used functions of yoga practice, just to bring you the best experience.

The function of the first phase is divided into four modules: find yoga, practice yoga, community and personal center.

Find a yoga module: a bridge between yoga lovers and yoga businesses (including yoga physical venues and yoga coaches).

Yoga lovers can find their favorite yoga group class registration, search or buy their own yoga membership card, find Yoga venues and yoga private education they are interested in, and can follow, contact by phone, sign up for their offline yoga classes, buy their membership card, and buy their online courses.

Yoga practice module: for Yoga lovers to practice yoga online.

You can find and buy Yoga video courses on the shelves, play learning or follow-up training on the screen anytime and anywhere, and buy a permanent and updated free fitness course at one time.

Community module: it provides the functions of exercise punch in and direct punch in.

Users can like each other, comment and exchange.

The community provides ranking display of punch in time, times and days to create a friendly atmosphere of mutual encouragement and display of achievements.

Personal Center: used to manage personal data, follow and collect, wallet, order and other common functions.

You can also click the business entry function to apply to become a business, publish your own enrollment information, and put your own video courses on the shelves to easily obtain income.

Summer / Yu / Jia yoga o2o shows offline physical venues and coaches, as well as their membership cards and offline courses.

Users can choose their own venues and coaches according to their own needs and preferences.

They can directly sign up for their offline courses, or purchase their membership cards to obtain membership interests.

The system provides follow-up timetable reminders and first class check-in services.

You can manage your own exercise plan on your mobile phone and make a quick draw, which is very convenient.

The venues here are all the professional yoga venues we selected for you.

The business address, distance, qualification, profile, etc.

can be seen at a glance.

You can choose your favorite venues according to these.

For the convenience of user consultation and feedback, users can directly contact the business by telephone! If you want a customized service, find yourself a personal trainer.

Each yoga instructor has his own specialized direction, and you can choose according to your own needs.

If you are interested in a coach, you can sign up for TA’s group class or buy TA’s group card, or contact directly from the home page.

You can also add a concern for easy search.

Summer Yoga online if you want to watch yoga and practice videos on your mobile phone, you can use the Yoga module..

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