Asana what is Asana: asana refers to posture, that is, the placement of the whole body, which is related to the mind and soul.

Asana has two aspects, posture and repose.

Posture is the artistic presentation of appropriate posture.

“Staying in posture” means discovering and maintaining the perfection of a posture, and reflecting with intellectual insight and concentration in this perfect posture.

Asanas are accompanied by immediate extension, repose, and peace as the seeker approaches the soul.

Principle of Asana: asana brings stability, health and lightness to limbs.

A stable and pleasant posture can bring peace of mind and prevent impetuosity.

Asana is not a gymnastics exercise, but a yoga pose.

In order to practice these asanas, yoga practitioners need a clean and ventilated place, a blanket and a determination, because yoga believes that human limbs have provided the necessary conditions for gravity and anti gravity.

By practicing these asanas, practitioners improve the agility, balance and durability of the body, and increase the vitality of life.

Sequence in the eight branches: Yoga begins with the first petal one by one Yama, that is, self-control of one’s own actions, is to cultivate our virtue from the perspective of the relationship between individuals and society.


niyama instructs us how to behave in daily life, so as to train us to take the road of yoga.


asana exercises the body and mind to learn and understand the operation of intelligence.

We have gained the key health of our body and mind.

When we reach a certain height, we can continue to practice yoga to make our intelligence stable and mature.

The functions of different asanas: 1 Standing pose is to make your arms and legs, fingers and toes, wrists and ankles, elbows and knees, shoulder mortar and foot mortar become close friends with each other.

Use the standing posture to get rid of the intelligence (tamasic), that is, the slow and lazy characteristics of the body, so that the practitioner can become more active and active.


Sitting in the stereo position allows you to move your knees, groins, ankles and feet more freely.

The arm is extended upward, which makes the trunk vertically lengthened, and also strengthens the spinal muscles.


the twisting posture is actually the rotation and extension of the spine, which can gradually bring the spine from the forward and backward extension to the neutral posture.


the front bending heart is facing the ground, which helps to relax the body and make it easier to recover from fatigue: the nerves are calmed and become calm.

If the standing posture stimulates the brain, the forward stretching posture will calm it and help the practitioner recover from fatigue.

The posture of standing and stretching forward can make the movement of the lower spine (i.e.

lumbar spine, sacrum and coccyx) more free.

The gluteal region is no longer compressed and contracted, and there will be no restriction.


backward bending posture the kidneys are activated in the backward stretching posture.

In the forward stretching pose, the adrenal glands are soothed.

The balance of the adrenal gland is very important for psychological balance.


inverted stereoscopic stimulation of pituitary gland and thyroid gland can maintain the balance of hormone secretion.

Asana combines knowledge and practice.

At the beginning, mastering asana requires hard work.

It takes many hours, many days, many months, many years, or even several generations.

When the strenuous effort in the asana becomes effortless, the practitioner will master the asana.

In this way, each pose must become effortless.

When practicing asana, you must relax the brain cells, activate the cells of important organs and the cells of body structure and bones.

In that way, intelligence and consciousness can be extended to every cell.

In asana, the combination of effort, concentration and balance forces us to live in the present seriously, which is a rare experience in modern life.

This reality or “living in the present” has the function of consolidating and purifying: eliminating diseases in the body and freeing the mind from rigid thoughts or prejudices in the spirit; At the very high level of the unity of knowledge and practice, it teaches us the correct action at present, that is, action without reaction.

At the level of the unity of knowledge and practice, we can also remove the residual effects of actions in previous lives.

Body is my temple, posture is my prayer.

The body is the temple of the soul.

If we keep the body healthy, clean and pure through asana practice, the body can really become a temple.

Through asanas, practitioners can understand and thoroughly understand the limited body, and integrate it with the infinite soul one by one.

At that time, there is neither known nor unknown.

Only then can asana exist completely.

This is the essence of perfect asana.

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