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Yoga studio for women

-With the rapid development, we can perceive the space aesthetics and improve the aesthetic quality – “a fitness place specially built for women.” Designers’ notes: a healthier lifestyle is absolutely the key to improving life.

Yoga studio is a space that allows a large number of personal spaces to be ventilated and safe.

It describes the feeling of fluid movement and meditation.

Primitive · feeling · yoga studio | primalfielingyogastudio the design of this elite yoga studio is based on the idea of flow – a term used in yoga practice to describe the feeling of fluid movement and meditation.


Within the space, these ideas are expressed through the smooth transition between spaces and the widespread use of extensible materials, such as fabrics and hemp concrete.

The entrance leads to a large reception area with a central desk serving as a bar.



A reconfigurable sofa along the large screen serves as a soft curve for space separation.

One side is a large fountain to remind visitors to wash their hands, and the other side leads to the practice room.



The palette is soft and focuses on the materiality and texture created in collaboration with two emerging artists.

The front desk and water dispenser were created in cooperation with yasminbawa.

They are made of hemp concrete structure with customized process, and the surface texture is completed with colored lime plaster.



The large privacy screen separating the lounge from the dressing room was painted by the young Vienna artist deniserudolffrank.


The originalfeelings yoga studio, designed and built during the global pandemic, is a space that allows a large number of personal spaces, ventilation and safety protocols to be in place.


Taking constraints as design opportunities, our goal is to create a space that can continue to transcend the current crisis, make yogis and guests feel welcome and find their flow..

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