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Yoga, this muscle weakness, directly affect the effect of practice, we must pay attention to!

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You can’t lift your legs when practicing boat pose!? When practicing the dog type tandem warrior for a while, I always feel very heavy when stepping forward!? When practicing the front bending posture, the hips can not be folded forward very well!? Recommended reading by yogi: a set of women’s exclusive stretching Yoga sequence to relax the iliopsoas muscle and practice yoga with flexible hips.

How to relax the stiff and tense iliopsoas muscle? In fact, a large part of the reason for your poor posture practice is your iliopsoas muscle weakness! Iliopsoas muscle connects the lumbar spine, pelvis and lower limbs.

It is an important hip flexion muscle in the human body.

Many postures need to participate in hip flexion.

If this muscle is weak, it will directly affect the practice effect of yoga! Today, Xiaobian shares a set of Yoga sequences to strengthen and extend iliopsoas.

Collect them and practice them often! 01.

Sit, stand, side bend, simply sit, inhale the spine, extend the sitting bone, take root downward, exhale the core, tighten the right hand to the ground, straighten the left hand to the right side, stop for 8 breaths and continue to practice on the other side 02.

Dynamic tiger spine flow, simply sit and exit, kneel down into the tiger left knee, support the right hand on the ground, straighten the right leg backward, straighten the left hand forward, exhale, tighten the core, bend the right leg to find the chest, Bend the left elbow back to each side to keep dynamic practice for 10-12 times 03.

Exit the downward dog pose from the tiger pose and enter the downward dog pose to adjust 5-8 breaths 04.

Enter the downward dog pose with one leg to inhale, and raise the left leg backward.

Pay attention to keeping the hips upright 05.

In the starting pose, step the left leg from the downward dog pose with one leg to the front and push the right leg back forcefully.

Tighten the core and extend the spine, and stay for 3-5 breath06.

In the starting pose, twist from the starting pose to twist the right hand to support the ground, Point your left hand to the core of the ceiling and tighten it.

Feel the chest open and stay for 3-5 breaths.

Change from pose 03-06 to exercise on the right.


Yoga_in exits from downward dog pose and walks forward, enters into standing forward bending with both knees slightly bent, holds elbows and stays for 3-5 breaths.


Soldier II enters soldier II from standing forward bending with his left leg bent.

His hips are positioned with the chest open and stays for 5 breaths.


Anti war enters anti war breathing from soldier II, Exhale with your left hand upward, tighten the core, bend your left hand to the right side and stay for 5 breaths.

Change from pose 08.09 to exercise on the right side.


Return to downward dog pose and adjust 5 breaths.


Bow from downward dog pose and kneel down to enter downward dog pose and adjust 5 breaths.


Supine twist back and lie on the mat.

Bend your knees to the right head to the left shoulders to relax.

Stay on each side for 1 minute.


Relax and lie on the mat.

Relax your body and mind, and stretch your eyebrows, Adjust 3-minute tips: often perform stretching exercises on iliopsoas muscle, which is also very helpful for accelerating the blood circulation of female pelvic cavity and groin! If the source of the content published in this official account is indicated, the copyright belongs to the original source (those that cannot verify the copyright or do not indicate the source are collected from the network)..

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