Actor Li Meng wears tight suspenders to practice yoga! Lying on the mat shows a slender figure, and the tattoo on the knee is too

Recently, actor Li Meng updated a short video on his social account.

In the video, Li Meng’s straight and thin figure is very eye-catching, and the large tattoo on Li Meng’s knee is eye-catching, which has also attracted the enthusiastic attention of the majority of netizens.

Wearing a white sports vest and green tight yoga pants, Li Meng practiced Pilates freely on the cushion.

Li Meng held the extension belt hard and bent her body, showing her high physical flexibility.

In the picture, there is also a huge tattoo in the middle of Li Meng’s knee.

Generally, few female stars will tattoo on their knees, which shows that Li Meng is really unique.

Then I saw Li Meng lying horizontally on the pad.

We can notice that Li Meng is almost straight and integrated with the pad, because Li Meng’s body is not a pleasant concave convex one, but a straight flat body, which makes her not very cater to the secular orientation.

However, Li Meng’s slender figure and straight legs are also visible in the picture, which may also be the process of her soft struggle with the secular world.

Finally, Li Meng said hello to everyone in a particularly cute way.

It can be seen that she appeared in a completely plain face, and her skin was in a very good state.

After Pilates, her face and body did not sweat, and she was still very fresh.

Li mengsuyan is also very pure and cute.

Rarely can he see such a real actress in the entertainment industry.

Then Li Meng brought the camera closer, and we could see Li Meng’s plain face more clearly.

It could be seen that Li Meng’s skin was very white and bright.

After practicing yoga, she was obviously very satisfied with her skin state, and her lips revealed a light pink.

But on Li Meng’s small face, we also noticed that Li Meng’s hairline was indeed a little worrying.

Seeing Li Meng’s true appearance, many netizens also left messages in the comment area, saying that Li Meng looked in excellent condition and his skin was tender.

Some netizens said that they saw the tattoo on his knee for the first time, indicating that the tattoo was very special.

In fact, in the entertainment industry, Li Meng seems to be a clear stream.

Unlike other plump actresses, Li Meng always pursues a slim sense of bone, yearns for his comfortable state, and never caters to anyone’s orientation.

Therefore, it also makes her have a temperament different from others.

Instead of being worldly, she will appear advanced.

On the same day, Li Meng also shared a group of portraits of himself.

In the photos, Li Meng wore a suspender skirt, showing a bony figure, revealing his career line but not pornographic.

In addition, Li Meng is also very grounded.

Previously, he built with the team, wearing only a loose linen dress and a pair of khaki slippers.

The design of the big V-neck showed her a piece of white skin in front of her chest, but she didn’t mind it.

At the snack stand, Li Meng even ignored her image and directly gulped into her mouth.

At this time, she seemed to have lost her usual Fairy Spirit.

In any case, Li Meng is fighting with the world in her own way, and has never succumbed to any orientation.

She is warm and pure to be herself in this straightforward world.

Many people envy her free and unfettered appearance, but not everyone can do it.

I hope Li Meng can stick to being herself and maintain love in the future…

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