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Five style thin waist and thin stomach Yoga shovel the lower abdomen away from the bucket waist

Thin stomach yoga I: in downward dog pose, support your hands and feet on the ground, lift your hips up, make your body an inverted V shape, keep your toes and heels in line with your hips, relax your head, and keep breathing deeply for 5 times.

Tips: this yoga movement is not only simple, but also a simple yoga movement, which is very suitable for girls who are beginning to learn yoga.

Belly reduction Yoga II: lie flat on the bridge, put your hands naturally on both sides of the body, with the palms down, then bend your knees, and put the soles of your feet naturally on the ground, tighten your feet to the hips, then use the palms and feet as support points, lift your hips, keep the balance inside your thighs, use your elbows as support, put your hands on the back of your waist, tighten your shoulders back, keep balance, and keep this action for 5 breaths.

Tips: this yoga movement can not only tighten the hips and lower abdomen, but also tighten the inner thighs, and stimulate the blood circulation of the face.

The effect is very good.

Belly reducing Yoga III: the one leg half bridge yoga movement shows that it is the advanced action of the bridge above, raising the hips as much as possible.

When you feel the abdominal pain, it shows that the abdominal fat is burning at this time, and you can also tighten the inner side of the thigh, and the flat abdomen will come out step by step.

Belly reducing Yoga 4: sit on the mat in cobbler style, straighten your feet, and then lean your upper body forward.

Before, let your chin touch your feet, and your head is lower than your heart.

Keep breathing in abdominal style for 5 times, then get up slowly and repeat for several times.

Tips: this yoga movement is also a classic yoga movement.

It can stimulate the blood circulation of the face, stretch the spine and relieve fatigue.

In addition, it is more effective to tighten the abdomen to achieve the effect of thin abdomen.

If you want to lose your stomach, it’s not enough to just keep practicing yoga.

A healthy and reasonable diet is indispensable.

Here is a diet for reducing your stomach.

It can be matched with yoga to achieve a great effect…

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