Healthy air Yoga show

Working and studying at the desk for a long time is prone to a series of shoulder and neck problems, resulting in sub-health symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, dizziness and insomnia.

How to improve this situation? Today, please follow hepeipei, a Yoga expert of China energy construction Jiangsu Electric Power Construction No.

1 company, to experience a healing exercise – Air yoga.

Feel the courage, strength and lightness of this sport together! What is air Yoga? Air yoga is also known as “anti gravity yoga”, that is, it uses the principle of suspension to remove part of the weight, so that it is easier to achieve more difficult postures than ground yoga, so that the body can reach a wider angle and more directions of extension and relaxation.

Air yoga warm up to practice air yoga requires a hammock suspended from the ceiling.

The practitioner can tie the hammock to his hips or arms.

At the same time, the cushion can be placed on the ground.

When the body contacts the ground, the feet can be placed on it.

Warm up action: Breathing Meditation warm up action: leg stretching 2 exercise core strength air Yoga not only challenges people’s courage, but also has certain requirements for strength and technology.

It is important for practitioners to find the “core strength” of air yoga.

“Core strength” refers to finding a borrowing point and concentrating the body’s strength here to achieve the balance of the whole body.

This requires high arm and abdomen strength.

3 basic skills No.1: Swallow flying NO.2: moth NO.3: Cupid NO.4: sideways ballet No.5: guess what this action is called? No.1: Swallow n.1: Yan I love air yoga.

Reason: “air Yoga breaks free from the shackles of the ground, and all kinds of movements are more relaxed and balanced.

Those muscles I don’t normally use have also been well exercised.

In addition, air yoga is created from dance inspiration.

It has a more beautiful posture and can lengthen lines.

It is a good way to exercise physical temperament.” No.5 answer: inverted bat feed: Yoga expert of China energy construction Jiangsu No.1 Power Construction Company: he Peipei editor: Wawa, liyanfang proofreader: yaomengle wonderful review..

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