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Is it necessary to take private classes to practice yoga?

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Is it really necessary to spend a sum of money on private yoga teaching? Many friends have doubts about this.

Whether beginners or Jiaren who want to further improve, after all, the price of private education will be much more expensive than ordinary big classes! In fact, yoga private teaching will not lose its value because it is rejected by some Jia people.

On the contrary, more and more friends realize the importance of private education and begin to accept this one-on-one yoga practice.

Many yoga members who have been taught privately said that although the price of a single practice of one-on-one private teaching is relatively high, it is extremely cost-effective and time-saving in general! So, what is the difference between yoga private teaching and big classes, and is private teaching necessary? Many people come into contact with yoga from big classes.

If they find physical problems in practice, some practitioners will seek help from private classes.

In fact, I personally recommend starting yoga from private education, and then turning to large classes for practice for about half a year to a year.

As for the reasons, look down slowly.

The benefits of private yoga teaching.

First, it is highly targeted.

The reason why private yoga classes should be “one-on-one” is that teachers can make “private customized” course arrangements for you.

Personalized customized courses and symptomatic exercises are just like ordinary physical discomfort.

You can go to the pharmacy to buy some medicine for treatment, but if you really encounter serious diseases, you will definitely go to a specialist for symptomatic treatment.

For example, lactating women can’t do the posture of squeezing the chest, and big classes have more or less some prone positions, so lactating women can’t practice.

2、 Faster progress and higher learning efficiency do not mean that big classes are bad, but that big classes can’t let teachers take care of everyone after all.

There’s no way to check whether you practice wrong and whether your actions are standard all the time, and private teaching can just avoid this problem.

During the one-on-one private teaching practice, the teacher’s time belongs to you alone.

If you have any problems, just ask them heartily, which can effectively solve your health or practice problems.

Therefore, compared with the collective practice of the League class, private teaching can save more time and improve learning efficiency.

3、 Cultivate good practice methods and reduce injuries practice injuries are not yoga problems, but practice methods.

In the big class, you may feel uncomfortable, but seeing that the students next to you are practicing, you are embarrassed to stop, and the end of hard support may be injury.

Private classes can be arranged and guided by teachers, so that practitioners can quickly understand their bodies, experience their body feelings, reduce injuries, and lay the foundation for future classes.

4、 It doesn’t need to practice all the time to better integrate into the private teaching of the big class.

When you are familiar with the practice methods and power points, you can feel the existence of the body and the feeling brought by the posture to the body, and then go to the big class, it is easier to benefit from the big class.

Of course, the big class also has its own advantages, that is, it has great energy and strong consistency.

If you concentrate on practicing in the big class, you will find that your body and mind gradually integrate into yoga, and the instant emotional release will bring joy.

Some friends may think: Although there are many benefits of private education, can’t the charge be cheaper? In fact, the charge of private teaching is high, first of all, because the teachers who teach in private have high skills, such as the most basic teaching and training, anatomy, psychology, nutrition, and even some teachers have learned some traditional Chinese medicine, meridians, song therapy, etc., in order to provide training to students from multiple perspectives.

Secondly, the high charge is also due to the “one-to-one” relationship.

A private class can harvest almost threeorfour large classes or even more content, which is not low in terms of cost performance.

Whether a commodity is expensive or not depends on whether it has reached its value and function.

If a commodity is ineffective or even counterproductive, even if it’s only ten yuan, it’s outrageous.

Explain like this, everyone Jia Ren, do you understand? After reading it, please watch it before you leave 👍。.

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