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It’s more scientific to practice yoga like this in summer!

//Why is summer the best time to practice yoga// According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, summer is the best time to prevent and treat chronic diseases.

Some diseases such as cough and asthma, limb arthralgia and pain that interfere with people’s sleep in winter can be treated in summer, which is often referred to as “summer treatment of winter diseases”, which is conducive to the remission of the disease in the coming year.

Summer is suitable for getting up early.

In summer, the days are long and the nights are short, and people’s sleep time will be reduced accordingly.

Therefore, in summer, you might as well follow the natural law, go to bed later and get up earlier.

Be sure to take a nap, take a nap when the sun is at its strongest, spend the summer and nourish your spirit// How to practice yoga for better health in summer// 01 it is best to practice at the right time in the morning, and it is best to start at 5-6 o’clock.

This point of practice can change the habit of staying up late and staying in bed without delaying work.

The second is 6-7 p.m.

in the evening.

In summer, Yang Qi is already prosperous.

It is not suitable to exercise too much at night.

It is recommended to practice low-intensity yoga.

02 practice the right kind.

First, choose the kind of yoga that suits you, according to your hobbies and physical conditions.

If you are weak and have chronic diseases, choose physiotherapy yoga, such as shoulder and neck physiotherapy; If you prefer flowing practice, you can choose flowing yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, etc; If you like slow practice, you can choose iyanga yoga, Yin Yoga, etc.

03 when practicing opposite breathing, breathe in and out with your nose, not your mouth.

Inhale and exhale equally elongated.

When practicing the asana, slightly retract the lower abdomen and bring the inhalation to the chest.

04 start bandha in practice, we mainly start two bandha: perineal bandha and abdominal bandha, also known as root lock and umbilical lock.

If beginners can’t close the perineum, they can try to close the muscles near the anus.

The navel lock is located 3-4 fingers below the navel.

When the root lock is activated, the navel lock will follow.

At the beginning of practice, you will forget to wrap up.

If you find that you are relaxed, remind yourself to start the wrap up again.

05 do not turn on the air conditioner, do not turn on the air conditioner, do not blow.

Don’t worry about how much you sweat.

It’s more important to practice concentration and alignment.

06 practice on an empty stomach before practice.

Get up in the morning, drink a cup of warm water, wash, empty your abdomen (exercise is relatively light), and take a warm bath, because your body is relatively stiff after getting up, especially if you turn on the air conditioner to sleep at night.

07 pay attention to keep warm after practice, and don’t expose your navel.

Don’t take a shower, drink cold drinks or have a big meal immediately.

Wait at least 30 minutes.

08 put your mind right.

Finally, remind everyone not to compare and force your body when practicing.

Find a professional teacher or yoga studio to practice.

Summer is the best time to practice yoga.

When is it better not to practice at this time? Summer is more suitable for yoga.

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