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Summer heatstroke prevention tips

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But this is almost impossible for most people.

After all, we have to go to work, go to school, play, enjoy the beautiful scenery and eat delicious food! Ultraviolet rays harm many of our skin problems, such as acne, wrinkles, redness, tingling, roughness and so on.

To a large extent, it can be regarded as the ghost of ultraviolet rays.

It can use its inhumane killing power on skin cells to screw up all good skin.

And sunscreen can help us better whiten, anti-aging, anti acne, repair and soothe.

When you need to go out in summer, you can wear a sunshade and a coat to protect yourself from the sun, so as to avoid direct exposure to the skin; Apply sunscreen every day.

Many people think that sunscreen only needs to be applied when going out, but the refraction and scattering of sunlight, whether outdoors or indoors, will still have some ultraviolet rays on our skin, so sunscreen should be the last procedure of our skin care.

Indoor yoga is hot in summer.

It is recommended to practice yoga in a cool and comfortable room.

We usually sweat after practice, and we can also change our wet clothes in time.

Take a bath after half an hour of practice, and add more water.

If you sweat too much, you can add a little salt water appropriately…

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