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Yoga 100 question (14) how does zero foundation Xiaobai start Yoga safely and efficiently?

People often ask me: teacher, I know yoga is very good, but I have zero foundation.

How can I get started? In fact, zero foundation Xiaobai can learn yoga safely and efficiently as long as he first grasps the following three aspects! 1、 Understand what is true “Yoga”.

Yoga means “connection”, “combination” or “harmony” in Sanskrit.

It is a life energy science and philosophy system that helps human beings give full play to their potential by improving their physical and mental consciousness.

The practice system of yoga helps people improve their physiology, psychology, emotion and spirit through postures, breathing, meditation and other methods, so as to achieve the balance of brain and body, and the harmony and unity of body, mind and spirit; Finally, it will achieve the combination of the individual and the universe, that is, what we traditionally call the “unity of heaven and man”.

Therefore, through the above understanding of the concept of yoga, you can know: 1.

Various postures – yoga asana is only a part of yoga, not all.


The efficacy of yoga practice includes three aspects: physical health, mental health, and the pursuit of spiritual realm.

2、 Find the most suitable professional teacher for you.

When you understand the true meaning of yoga, you can then find the most suitable teacher to lead your study according to your actual needs.

To learn yoga correctly, the importance of teachers comes first, especially in the introductory stage.

Many people feel that yoga has no effect for a long time, or not only their bodies have not improved, but they have been injured, so they retreat from yoga.

In fact, it is because they have not found a real professional teacher to lead you into the opposite door and lay a good foundation.

Whether you want to gain a healthy body, a beautiful body, or the release of pressure and the freedom of mind through yoga, finding a professional and suitable teacher is an essential first step.

About how to choose a teacher, please see another article, click the following blue font link to read: Yoga Xiaobai easily becomes a goddess, as long as you take these three steps.

Third, choose the most suitable learning method for yourself, online learning vs offline learning.

Online learning is particularly popular in recent years, because it will not be limited by time and space.

However, for zero foundation Xiaobai, I still suggest that you need to find a professional teacher to practice first, and don’t watch the video blindly.

In terms of yoga asana, it pays great attention to details and breathing connection, and everyone’s physical conditions are unique.

Excellent teachers can give you personalized and targeted practice guidance programs to ensure your practice safety, and at the same time, they can make you avoid many detours and achieve the desired effect more efficiently.

For the article reference of specific methods, click the following blue font link to read: is yoga, online learning and offline learning the same effect? Choice: private education or small class or large class.

If you can choose, offline learning is preferred, and it is the best effect of private education mode.

The second is offline small classes.

Next, you can choose the combination of online and offline learning.

For the article reference of specific methods, click the following link in blue font to read: practice Yoga: “wet with rain”, or “spoil alone”? In order to help more people get started with yoga correctly, I specially set up a “zero foundation Yoga exchange group” to help you start from scratch, step by step, solve questions, practice safely, change your life with yoga, and harvest healthy, beautiful and joyful yourself.

Please add teacher wechat: journey3648namaste! To apply for joining the group!..

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