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Functional yoga and physical therapy for teenagers aged 8-15, 15 sets of finished teaching courses

Attach importance to the body posture and physical and mental yoga practice of teenagers for a lifetime.

In view of the developmental characteristics of children aged 5-18, we specially invite Amy Wang Yijun, who has deep experience in yoga physiotherapy and body posture correction, to specially design a juvenile yoga.

Amy said: teenagers are in a critical period of growth and development.

Through correct yoga practice, they can help children increase physical flexibility, improve bad posture, cultivate temperament and cultivate perseverance.

Moreover, the epiphysis line in adolescence is not closed, so this period is the key stage of posture adjustment and height growth.

What is epiphyseal line? “Epiphyseal line” refers to a plate of cartilage structure between the epiphysis of the long shaft and the epiphysis, also known as “epiphyseal plate” or “growth plate”.

The growth potential of children’s height and bones is closely related to the growth of epiphyseal lines.

After puberty is completed and the epiphyseal line is closed, the “long bone” will no longer grow, so we will almost never grow taller (only consider the long bone).

So in adolescence, we must seize this golden period of growth.

Yoga practice is conducive to the healthy growth of children’s bones, muscles and ligaments.

Based on this, after more than 4 months of research on Teenagers’ problems, theme selection, content arrangement, internal and external evaluation, teacher Wang Yijun developed this targeted series of courses “Yoga plan for teenagers’ posture development: posture correction & comprehensive physical and mental conditioning”.

Want your child to be tall and upright? Want children to stand and sit? Want children to learn efficiently and react quickly? Want children to be open-minded and popular? Want children not to be picky about food and colds? Want to make children not fat and have good eyesight? Want a happy family and a harmonious parent-child relationship Try this youth yoga class!!! (click to see the course content) teenagers’ posture cultivation yoga posture correction + physical and mental conditioning 15 sessions of follow-up Yoga + 20 sessions of growth audio limited time discount of 69 yuan.

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