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7 Yoga asanas, deep “pressing the ankle, opening the back of the foot”, super sour after practicing!

Feet are the foundation of the human body and the starting and ending points of many meridians.

Pressing the ankle and opening the instep in yoga pose can stretch the liver and gallbladder, spleen and stomach meridians, which is of great benefit to the body.

Today, I share 7 yoga moves to help you “press your ankles and open your backs” in depth.

After practicing super sour, you must not miss it! Action 1: put your feet and legs together, kneel on your knees, step on your toes, sit on your hips on your heels, put your hands above your thighs, sink your shoulders, straighten your back, slightly retract your perineum and core tailbone to the ground, stay for 1-2 minutes, action 2: withdraw from the upper body, put your instep on the ground, put your right hand on the side, exhale with your left hand on the top of your left knee, focus on the right, pull your left knee up with your left hand, inhale, restore, exhale, and practice alternately left and right on the other side, Repeat 10-15 times of action 3 mountain standing, bend your hips and knees into the magic chair, put your hands together in front of your chest, push your palms and heels together to exhale, tighten the core, repeat on tiptoe alternately for 10-15 times of action 4, exhale in the prepared position of action 3, tighten your core heels while standing on tiptoe for 3 seconds, and then repeat 10-15 times of action 5, inhale in the prepared position of action 4, stand upright in the tiptoe position, bend your hips and knees, Squat down on tiptoe and repeat the exercise for 10-15 times.


Sit ready, inhale with both hands on the back of the hips, lift the hips off the ground, exhale with the left toe on the ground, move your knees slightly forward, repeat for 10-15 times, and then change to the other side.


Enter in the individual style, keep your toes pressed and tighten the core, and slowly approach your hips to your heels and repeat the exercise for more than 10-15 times.

Have you learned it?..

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