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At the age of 40, Sun Li has practiced yoga for 19 years. She is in a better state than her peers. She is full of vitality and is as tall as

We found a phenomenon in the entertainment industry now, that is, more and more female stars begin to keep healthy and no longer choose diet as before.

Now they all choose yoga to exercise, such as Sun Li, a teacher we are very familiar with.

You know, Sun Li has been practicing yoga for a long time.

At that time, she has not become a “mother”.

After all, Sun Li has been practicing yoga for at least 19 years.

Sun Li also said that the ultimate goal of her yoga practice is not to make herself thin the next day, but to hope that one day when she is 50, she can also look very young, just like herself in her 30s.

We all know that although Sun Li looks very thin, she is not very thin, so yoga is the most suitable choice for her.

After so many years, we can really find that this choice is right.

We can see that although she is now in her 40s, her figure is still very good, and her whole body looks very energetic, which is also brought by yoga.

In fact, yoga is not only a simple exercise, but also makes our mood easier.

In fact, many people have a one-sided understanding of yoga.

Most people think that the role of yoga is just to make us slim down and have a better body, but it’s not like this.

Yoga can maximize the flexibility of our body.

And when we practice yoga, we can keep our mood happy and healthy, and relieve our stress at work.

Therefore, if we continue to adhere to this thing, it will bring us more spiritual improvement.

When we turn this exercise into a way of life, it is also very helpful for ourselves.

Well, since yoga has so many benefits, today I will also introduce you a few movements.

Let’s learn together! 1、 Simple sitting and bending forward is very simple for us beginners.

We can also choose this action to stretch our body after running or just after exercise, which will make our body feel very comfortable.

Now let’s tell you the specific methods.

First of all, we need to sit on the yoga mat, and then keep stretching forward while keeping our back straight, so that our head can reach the position of our calves.

At this time, we need to keep our neck relaxed.

When we do it, we must pay attention to keeping our back straight, and our sitting bones need to be on the ground, and our abdomen should keep close to our thighs.

Then keep it for a period of time, and then straighten your back.

You know, when we do this action, we need to keep our feet going out.

Of course, at the beginning, we may not be able to do it well.

We need to do it slowly.

Of course, when we do this action, we often have problems sitting upright on our back.

At this time, we can put some bricks under our hips.

The best thing is to keep our legs straight, but if we can’t do it, we can bend them a little.

In fact, the biggest advantage of this action is that it can help us practice our back and stretch our back.

It is very suitable for current migrant workers.

2、 This action of wind blowing tree can help us practice our waist muscles, so that our fat will be reduced, and when our arms are stretched, there will be beautiful lines.

In fact, this action is not only very simple, but also suitable for us.

First, we need to stand on the yoga mat, and then keep ourselves upright.

Then our arms need to be raised above our heads, so that our right arm can rotate from inside to outside.

At the same time, we press down to the left, and at this time, our left arm shoulder is forward.

When doing this, we should keep the buttocks muscles clamped, and then keep our waist muscles tense.

At the same time, the pelvis should be stable, and our thigh muscles need to be lifted up.

We all know that many young people now have the problem of hunchback.

This action we do for a period of time every day can well alleviate this problem.

When we press our body to the left, we need to keep all our focus on our right foot.

After bending to the left for a period of time, we return to the original action, and then press to the right.

In fact, this action is also very helpful for our body line exercise, and our spine can be stretched.

Many people don’t know that Yoga plays a great role.

For example, the second action we mentioned can exercise our thymus well, and the lymph under our armpits can also detoxify better, which can be said to have many advantages.

Many yoga movements exercise certain acupoints in the process of exercise.

These acupoints are stimulated in the process of exercise, and eventually our body will become better and more comfortable…

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