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Take a look at the ten groups of yoga pants that show female charm. Which group of yoga pants will make your eyes shine

Yoga pants that show female charm, carefully select a suitable version, and appear atmospheric.

For the matching of yoga pants, let’s take a look at the ten groups, and see which group of matching you think will make your eyes shine? These 11 groups and 11 sets of clothes can be matched and tried if you are interested.

The highlight of the whole set of matching is the bow on the hair band below.

This hair band is more playful on the whole; The black shirt and white jeans are a typical versatile combination.

However, perhaps because the model did not match the suspenders, the whole set of matching is a little pure.

The red pleated short pants matched below have a short hem and white hair band.

It looks more layered.

The trick to improve the waist line and increase the proportion of women’s body is to match it with straw woven bags, which is simple and does not lose personality.

In the whole set of matching, the male version, the model chose the floral pants and the thin legged socks, which makes the overall sense of hierarchy stronger.

In fact, the black shirt and pants are the most standard versatile combination.

The lower body is matched with white short jeans, black leather shoes, and white simple hanging ornaments.

Full marks for fashion.

Match it with light blue knitted vest, white socks and simple hairstyle to create a better temperament.

The whole set of clothing is based on gray.

The lower body is matched with a flowered shirt, with white thin and narrow suspenders, black bell bottoms, beautiful ankles and gray loose T-shirt.

The overall matching is very feminine.

The lower body is matched with black wide leg pants, which is sexy and calm, and very pleasing.

The collocation in the above figure is simple and generous, and the combination of black all over the body, boldly choosing a dark color system of the whole, which can weaken the overall tone.

The loose shirt and trousers are too loose, which brings a little uncomfortable to people.

As for the overall collocation, the upper body is mainly based on a bright color, and the lower body is a relatively neutral color.

The overall collocation is not biased towards black.

Many people think that the upper body can not give people a sense of fashion, so we can choose the same color when matching, so that the overall feeling is clean and generous.

Simple collocation, in fact, requires a good figure and overall collocation to coordinate.

The lower part of the body is full of knowledge and sexuality.

The lower part wears white pants with high waist.

If the pants are too long, the upper part will appear too thin.

If you want the whole body to focus on the upper body, try to tuck the upper body into your pants.

In fact, it is also a better wear.

Women’s collocation and appearance are also very important.

If you don’t have a good figure, try not to choose too narrow and peaceful A-shaped pants, because after wearing them, the overall legs will shrink due to length and height.

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