Why suggest yoga teachers to learn postpartum repair?

With the opening of triplets, women’s demand for “pregnancy and childbirth” is higher and higher, and every female member is 90% likely to develop into pregnancy and childbirth private education.

An ordinary postpartum private education class on the market costs at least 400-600 yuan.

There is no doubt that pregnancy and childbirth has become a compulsory skill for yoga teachers to develop their skills.

What solid abilities do we need to learn pregnancy and childbirth and want to become a professional pregnancy and childbirth teacher? Lin Shuang’s 4-day postpartum repair training, 8 hours a day, a total of 32 hours.

You need, market needs, industry needs super gold content courses, so that you can learn pregnancy and childbirth without detours, and the landing is very strong.

About Lin Shuang, teacher Linda, nothing is more convincing than personal experience.

Second child mothers only give you safe, professional, effective and beautiful Maternity Yoga classes.

17 years of first-line pregnancy, childbirth, teaching age, second child, perfect experience, helping countless people successfully deliver and recover, and the teachers with the largest number of Maternity Yoga training courses in Central China continue to follow many international famous teachers every year to learn a large number of sophisticated cases of Maternity Yoga private education, which is extremely popular Teachers with extraordinary teaching charm have been invited to record pregnant women’s Yoga programs on Hubei TV for many times.

They have been invited to maternity hospitals for Maternity Yoga lectures and classes.

They have been active in the teaching line for a long time: training classes, private classes, large classes and small classes.

Many yoga teachers with good figure have given birth to two babies with super spicy bodies, Yoga teachers who can continue to practice and make their bodies more spicy, which can be seen by the naked eye, are few.

The photos above have wooden “spicy” to your eyes.

The second child’s practice and teaching experience of her perfect recovery from the beginning of pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum, and even her life state.

The teacher’s learning ability and continuous improvement are also admirable.

With more than ten years of teaching accumulation, she continues to follow the systematic learning of several international masters every year.

Therefore, in the maternity intensive class every year, it is always popular and highly praised.

The students’ word-of-mouth has achieved the highest participation rate of pregnant women in the teacher training of similar systems in China! Linda maternity training schedule October 27-30, 2022 Shenzhen station ▽ early bird price: 3380 yuan / person “tuition fee includes certificate fee” exercise: provide a complete postpartum repair exercise sequence practice: Interpretation of common problems and yoga solutions at various stages of postpartum, practical exercises plus expansion, innovation and expansion: case sharing, Suggestions for class scheduling: Linda Maternity Yoga course outline Day1 theory morning class: opening ceremony + ice breaking link + explanation of classroom rules morning: warm up before class from 9:00 to 12:00 the necessity of small sequence postpartum repair the specific changes of postpartum body the best time for postpartum repair, master the correlation and judgment of postpartum repair period, pelvic repair period, repair shaping period.

Yoga involves the four directions of postpartum repair, and yoga teachers have the necessary skills to effectively carry out postpartum repair courses.

Afternoon: 14:00-17:00 practice chapter recognize the pelvis, establish a sense of ontology, and be familiar with and train the coordination between classroom instructions and physical actions.

The second practical training in puerperal repair period, breathing training and abdominal muscle Awakening (training muscle awareness, learning to use breathing to train muscle), interpretation and practice of sleep disorders, lactation training (promoting milk secretion, preventing mastitis).

Understand the essence of restorative exercises and master the skills of using assistive devices.

Day2 morning: pelvic repair time control and second practical training, Detection of rectus abdominis separation & rectus abdominis repair plan and exercise (abdominal relaxation, lumbosacral pain, coccygeal pain, visceral prolapse, visceral dysfunction) afternoon: ¢ interpretation of symptoms and causes of pelvic floor muscle relaxation & pelvic floor muscle repair plan and exercise (to solve urinary leakage, uterine prolapse, vaginal wall bulging, backache, vaginal falling feeling, abdominal distension pain, Yin blowing, sexual life disharmony) pelvic stability training advanced (pubic symphysis separation, pubic pain, false hip, hip depression, hip ptosis, leg weakness) day3 morning: pelvic repair plan, flexible use of practical exercises, pelvic stability intensive training (hip retraction, hip cocking, leg shape adjustment), dynamic interesting follow-up routine & static detail assistance and adjustment.

Afternoon: ¢ grasp the time and practice training during the repair and shaping period, activate and strengthen the diaphragm, understand and solve rib pain, rib protrusion and rib valgus.

Day4 morning: combing the ideas of shoulder girdle exercise, lactation problems, chest shape problems, chest structure problems.

Deep activation training of abdominal muscles (active internal organs, private maintenance, abdominal firming and shaping) afternoon: fat reduction and shaping, special training of curve carving, sorting out the theme of the course, and case analysis.

Q & A analysis, course application and self planning.

Increase the morning classes every day: (8:30-9:00) warm-up sequence before class, (review and consolidate what you learned the previous day, draw inferences from one instance, and be comprehensive) increase the question answering every night: (18:30-20:00) strengthen and sort out your notes.

(important link!) (Note: because teachers teach students in accordance with their aptitude, the arrangement or sequence of course content will be slightly adjusted according to the overall state and level of students in the current period, please be informed) highlights of the training course: the golden restoration period of one year after delivery, Grasp the opportunity Nirvana re production mattress repair period + pelvic repair period + repair shaping period = golden repair period posture correction + respiratory pattern reconstruction + structural adjustment + function strengthening = all-round progressive repair scheme morning class preview and consolidation + all-day multi-dimensional intensive training + evening class review and Q & A notes sorting + nanny level all-round training course training syllabus and specific arrangements – 20% theory +50% practice +30% operation practice suitable for the crowd: 1, within one year after delivery, Novice mothers who have recovered their rectus abdominis muscles well for more than three months and want to have a complete self exercise program and can easily implement it.


Prepare yoga teachers engaged in postpartum rehabilitation..

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