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Yoga “elbow handstand” is always unstable? Try these two skills

Add teachers’ wechat to watch teachers’ circle of friends ~ handstand is a very beneficial yoga posture, which can increase the blood circulation of your head in the process of body inversion, and promote deep relaxation at the same time.

Yoga elbow handstand requires core abdominal, arm and back strength, and the foundation is very important.

Some suggestions for opponent’s elbow handstand practice 1.

You must start to try after yoga practice for a period of time.


People with high blood pressure, high intraocular pressure and cervical spondylosis should not practice before being controlled.


First, pay attention to the strength training of both arms to make it balanced.


Before handstand, you need to warm up the neck and shoulder joints to do elbow handstand.

Common mistakes 1.

Shoulders collapse, shoulders are not lifted up, upper back is bent, and the foundation is unstable.

Correct approach: start the core, shoulder abduction 2.

Open the hips, collapse the back, and the performance of the core laxity before and after the hips.

Correct approach: straighten the hips, extend the spine, and practice step by step.

Only when the foundation is stable can it be better on the ground and more stable.

A small change can bring a very different experience.

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