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Behavior regimen: I have a new way to nourish the lung in autumn. Yoga poses are effective~~

Click the blue words to follow our Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, pointing out the way to nourish the liver in spring, the heart in summer, the lungs in autumn, the kidneys in winter, and the spleen and stomach in the four seasons.

It’s autumn again.

It’s time for zhiyoude and I to exercise Yoga to strengthen our lungs.

Are you ready? The quality of lung function directly affects our health.

If you have sufficient lung qi and active lung channels, your body will be relatively healthy.

If the pectoral muscle is in a tight state for a long time, it is not conducive to the expansion of the lung.

Through scientific yoga postures, open the chest area to practice and make the chest stretch correctly and fully, which can effectively strengthen the function of the lungs.

It is recommended to arrange the time for lung cultivation in autumn from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m.

during this time, the human lung function is strong, and it is suitable for jogging, yoga and other fitness exercises.

The yoga movements in autumn should not be excessive, but should be gentle and stretching.

You can also do some meditation poses to make people stable and eliminate the feeling of physical and mental tension and depression.

Now, let’s invite Vice Chairman Xiansheng to share with you some yoga postures that are conducive to “nourishing the lung”.

01 stand well in the tree type autumn lung nourishing yoga asana mountain pose, with your hands folded in front of your chest, your right foot on your left thigh, your toes facing down, your right knee outstretched, and you are holding 3-5 breaths in your hips, changing sides.

02 the soldier adopts the autumn lung nourishing yoga pose with his feet wide apart and his hands turned to his side.

Inhale, extend your arms on both sides and close them on top of your head.

Exhale, turn the body and left foot 90 degrees to the left, and bend the left knee until the thigh is parallel to the ground and the lower leg is vertical to the ground.

Inhale, raise your head and look forward, and stretch your spine as far as possible.

Breathe evenly for 20-30 seconds.

Inhale and restore, repeat on the other side.

03 Warrior’s Two Style Autumn Lung Nourishing Yoga Mountain Posture, with legs slightly apart than one leg long inhale, arms extended on both sides, feet turned to the right to exhale, right knee, thigh, calf 90 ° straight, eyes looking at the right hand, adhere to 3-5 breaths, and change sides.

04 Cattle and Ox Style Autumn Lung Raising Yoga pose: Separate your knees from the hips, inhale with your thighs perpendicular to the ground, raise your head, lift your chest up and exhale, lower your head, arch your chest and back, persist in 3-5 breaths, and do 5 groups.

05 Enter the four column autumn lung raising yoga pose Cattle and Ox, bend your elbows forward and downward, tighten your elbows to the trunk core, and push your heels backward for 3-5 breaths.

06 Bridge style Autumn Lung Nourishing Yoga posture: Lie on the mat, point your toes straight ahead and exhale, lift your hips up from the ground, clasp your fingers and press them down to the ground, and keep breathing for 3-5 times.

07 lying flat autumn lung cultivation yoga posture: lie on your back on the mat, with your legs separated and hip wide, close your eyes, relax the whole body, breathe deeply and slowly, and keep breathing slowly for 15-20 minutes to give yourself a full rest.

In addition, what should we pay attention to when we practice yoga in autumn? How to keep healthy scientifically? Warm up and cool down slowly in autumn.

The joints and muscles of the human body become more viscous and the range of motion of the joints becomes smaller.

Warming up can effectively make the body move, which is safer and more effective when practicing.

02 replenish water in time autumn is dry, the air humidity is reduced, and the body is easy to accumulate summer heat and dryness, so you must replenish water in time after practice.

You should also eat more fruits and vegetables to maintain normal water in your body.

03 ensure enough sleep autumn is easy to feel tired, so we must ensure sufficient sleep time, so that we can have enough energy and good state to enter yoga practice.

04 select the suitable intensity “nourishing yang in spring and summer, nourishing Yin in autumn and winter”.

In autumn, the essence of the human body starts to be collected.

At this time, it is not appropriate to exercise too much.

Don’t sweat too much.

Just choose the intensity exercise that suits you.

05 to practice yoga step by step, you should pay attention to step by step, take your time, step by step.

Don’t be too eager for success.

You must not blindly pursue the results.

Too much is better than too little.

06 pay attention to warmth: autumn begins to turn cool slowly.

Pay attention to warmth when practicing, especially when lying flat, you can cover your stomach with a blanket to prevent catching cold.

If your clothes are wet after practice, you should change them in time to avoid catching cold.

Hezhiyoude takes “promoting health preservation culture and benefiting human health” as its mission.

Through continuous exploration and innovation, combined with Western Nutrition and traditional Chinese medicine health preservation concepts, and based on modern life science achievements, hezhiyoude has established three health preservation theories, “diet health preservation, behavior health preservation and psychological health preservation”, to help people gain health through the three health preservation.

Diet Regimen: Achieve the purpose of health preservation through diet regulation Behavior Regimen: Achieve the effect of health preservation through purposeful behavior Psychological Regimen: Achieve the purpose of health preservation through psychological regulation This article is for reference only.

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★ A wonderful review of the past ★ 01 He and Zhiyoude worked together with Zhang Daning, a Chinese medical master, to develop Gout Kidney Preserving Diet for the benefit of human health.

02 The addition ceremony for the directors of the Health Industry Committee of the Chinese Society of Business Economics was successfully held.

03 And Zhiyoude Chairman Han Jinming was invited to participate in the special dialogue for global entrepreneurs of the World Economic Forum..

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