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Nourishing yoga in autumn: suitable for women aged 40-65 to improve their big belly, back pain, ugly posture and poor complexion

Spine, lumbar vertebrae and other bone problems can be described as common problems of modern people.

Sitting for a long time, bowing down to play with mobile phones, stooping to do housework with children…

It has become a common thing to have a hunched back with chest, aching back, and dizziness.

Slowly, the body has also lost shape.

The thighs are getting thicker and the hips are getting thinner and thinner.

The waist has become several layers of swimming circles.

What you wear is rustic, old-fashioned, and not good-looking? Are you still used to it? What you don’t know is that backache will develop into lumbar spondylosis, and cervical spondylosis is also easy to cause more than ten kinds of pathological changes, limb numbness, cervical heart disease, and even lower limb paralysis! According to the statistics of the Ministry of Health, the number of patients with lumbar spondylosis in China has exceeded 200 million, especially the bone health problem of women who have had children is more serious! In the final analysis, we ignore the foundation of the human body – the pelvis is located in the center of the human body, affecting the lumbar vertebrae upward, the cervical vertebrae downward, affecting the uterus, and the leg bones maintain the balance of the bones and muscles of the whole body.

However, age growth and bad posture habits will cause the pelvis to gradually shift, deform, and age, especially when women give birth to children Pelvic floor muscle relaxation and accelerated aging Once the pelvis is displaced and deformed, it is equivalent to the foundation of a high-rise building being crooked, and the bones, muscles and even internal organs of the whole body are aged, dislocation, compression and accelerated aging will occur, leading to frequent pain, obesity and facial aging, and even cervical spondylosis, lumbar spondylosis and paralysis! Therefore, no matter the high-risk group or the healthy group, no matter the elderly or the young, the most important thing to pay attention to is “pelvic maintenance” to keep your pelvis in the right position, and support the bones of the whole body as long as the pelvis is right, healthy and beautiful forever! When it comes to pelvic maintenance, I have to mention such a group of people.

They come from ordinary backgrounds.

Some people are busy with work for a long time, some are busy with work and housework, and the middle-aged and elderly people over 46 years old are busy at both ends.

Most of their bones and physique are aging.

Ordinary sports are not suitable for them to practice.

Such 30-65 year old housewives have ordinary physique Life pressure is very high, and there is no time or money to maintain.

It is most likely to lead to the problem of out of shape and bone aging.

But the actual situation is that they are very slim and healthy, and even better than their peers in temperament and physique.

After digging deeply into the daily life of these people, they found that they were secretly practicing a set of simple yoga movements every day between breaks, before going to bed, even when doing housework and brushing their teeth.

They said that pelvic yoga is recognized as the guardian of bones, Natural anti-aging exercises are practiced by women.

They are good in shape and appearance.

They are not afraid of old people and children.

They have healthy bones and good physique.

They also have a mantra: pelvic yoga is practiced every day, healthy and beautiful to 99! In recent years, CCTV has repeatedly revealed the magic of pelvic yoga, which helps girls and families shape their bodies, maintain their bones, and improve their physique.

After that, pelvic yoga, which is deeply rooted in fame, has gradually become known for its benefits? Can ordinary people practice? Where can I learn authentic and effective pelvic yoga? In July 2022, in order to explore the truth behind pelvic yoga, we went around many places and used various contacts to finally find the founder of “pelvic yoga” – Wang Yuan, her name is Wang Yuan and she is also known as “China’s yoga queen”.

She has been a yoga instructor for 18 years.

She is also a famous “yoga private teacher” in the entertainment circle.

She has directed Liu Tao, Huang Yi, Xie Nan Muqi Miya and other female stars of Hunan Satellite TV’s Happy Camp specially invited Wang Yuan to the scene to talk about the practice and benefits of pelvic yoga.

The stars on the scene said: pelvic yoga is easy to do, and the effect is good.

Every busy day, they have to take time to practice and expose the story of Wang Yuan and pelvic yoga.

Wang Yuan is a genuine Hunan sister, who got involved in yoga because she had a dance dream when she was young.

As a child from the countryside, she worked very hard, and finally won the championship of yoga for four times by studying super difficult yoga poses, which is the pride of her hometown.

But at this time, although she has superb yoga skills, her figure is an O-shaped leg, with a wide false hip, and her legs appear short and thick.

And the face is square, and the arms are relatively thick.

The body is also in an “elderly state”: stooping becomes more serious, and even the sacrum is too painful to sleep on its back.

Later, under the persuasion of her mother, she decided to improve her poor health.

To this end, he traveled all over China’s provinces, and even flew to India, the United States, Australia and many other countries in person, seeking medical treatment and learning yoga at the same time.

Therefore, Wang Yuan absorbed the knowledge of Chinese and Western medicine and yoga, and independently developed a set of “pelvic yoga” integrating Chinese and Western characteristics.

She practiced in person for less than three months, and her weight dropped to 90+.

Her waist hip curve was exposed, which was a counter attack to the goddess.

The original anteversion of the pelvis and the pain of the lumbar spine all disappeared, and the whole person became confident and healthy! At 42, she is younger and more beautiful than at 28.

Women of the same age are out of shape due to pregnancy, and their bodies become worse.

However, Wang Yuan became famous on the Internet with a group of “pregnancy yoga” when she was pregnant with her second child, and was known as the “lightest, most flexible and most beautiful pregnant mother”.

Through this incident, Wang Yuan realized that the most important thing for a person is the health of himself and his family.

It is a pity to think that many women like her in China do not realize the maintenance of their pelvis.

So Wang Yuan decided to give up her high paying job abroad and return to the motherland to pass on the essence of “pelvic yoga”.

Many people do not understand her, but also laugh at her “crazy”, “will regret”.

Wang Yuan told everyone that pelvic yoga is a good news for women.

It is only because she personally experienced the benefits of pelvic yoga that she decided to let more people who are troubled by their figure, posture and health know about it and practice it together..

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