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RPYS 85 National Maternity Yoga Tutor Training (10.27-11.4)

95% of women had postpartum discomfort and lactation related problems in different stages due to incorrect exertion during childbirth.

More than half of women did not repair the pelvis well during postpartum recovery.

Incorrect chest maintenance caused postpartum breast deformation, which could be improved through pregnancy and childbirth yoga practice.

We specially invited Sara Pei, a famous pregnancy and childbirth instructor, to open the National RPYT85h Maternity Yoga Tutor Training.

This course will systematically learn about pregnancy preparation, pregnancy, labor and delivery, postpartum repair, and how to teach pregnancy and childbirth yoga.

The National RPYT85 Maternity Yoga Training can obtain the RPYT85h certificate after graduation.

What is RPYT? RPYT, Certified Pregnant Yoga Teacher, is a yoga teacher who has completed the corresponding courses and passed the certification of the Yoga Alliance.

Its relevant information is published on the official website of the National Yoga Alliance.

With RPYT certified yoga instructors, they are qualified to teach anywhere in the world.

YA, Yoga Alliance, founded in 1982, is the world’s leading yoga training institution.

The Alliance convened authoritative yoga professionals from the United States and even the world to formulate the training standards for internationally certified yoga teachers through unified discussion and research on the training system of various schools.

This standard is authoritative and scientific and has been recognized by various yoga schools with various sects.

The teacher certification of American Yoga Alliance is carried out by its certified professional yoga institute.

Its certificate has been recognized and widely adopted by the international yoga community, becoming an international passport for yoga teaching.

Yoga teachers with this certificate can gain the trust and favor of yoga institutions around the world.

◆ Introduction to teachers ◆ One of the few RPYT certified yoga trainers in China, the National Yoga Alliance Certified Pregnancy Trainer, scientifically gestates life advocates to help postpartum women repair their hearts and advocate long-term breastfeeding ◆ About SaraPei teacher ◆ Sara teacher has rich yoga teaching experience and RYT training experience, and the teaching style is based on ranking yoga, mainly teaching the National Certified Ranking RYT200&RYT300 training, Pregnancy workshop/training, special teacher of Bali Yoga Festival, and advocate of scientific postpartum yoga during pregnancy.

While enjoying the life, she never gave up her teaching.

She can always see the shadow of her babies in and out of her classroom.

She firmly believes that yoga is not about how you focus on your own path of practice, but all the roles of full-time mother and wife in the busy schedule of teaching, which makes her see a stronger self and real yoga is tasted in life.


Sara and her husband, Mr.

Richard, have integrated the wisdom of alignment yoga and the awareness in practice into her pregnancy and childbirth system, paying close attention to women’s health during pregnancy and postpartum.

She keeps the spirit of self practice, exploration and continuous learning.

At the same time, she has a pair of keen eyes to help other teachers improve their teaching skills.

She firmly believes that life has unparalleled potential to create more meaningful things.

In the future, she hopes to train more and more professional pregnant yoga instructors and pregnant trainers.

From the moment she became a mother, she knew that this was her mission and responsibility, and hoped to spread this beauty.

◆ RPYS85 certification training ◆ As a mother of two, Sara will bring you a comprehensive and wonderful 85 hours of RPYT certified pregnancy preparation, pregnancy and postpartum study, which integrates the most scientific western medicine and the most systematic precision yoga practice, as well as her own experience of twice pregnancy and delivery and postpartum repair.

She never stops learning pregnancy and delivery.

She was once denied by the doctor that she could not have children by herself until she gave birth successfully.

This is a powerful inner and pregnancy yoga practice that helped Sara have such a wonderful experience.

She is willing to share the following courses with her knowledge and experience in life preparation.

◆ RPYS85 You will learn ◆ Pregnancy preparation 1.

Learn core anatomy, establish the core, and prevent the separation of rectus abdominis 2.

How to connect yoga philosophy to pregnancy yoga 3.

Become your own hostess in pregnancy preparation, understand the body, and understand the internal 4.

Reduce stress, release the mind, and create the best pregnancy preparation state through yoga 1.

Learn about the changes of body and embryo in early, middle and late pregnancy 2.

Pregnancy hormones and emotions, and pregnancy meditation 3 Anatomical knowledge and physiology of uterus, reproductive system, pelvis, core, abdomen and related areas.

How to avoid and alleviate common problems and discomfort during pregnancy..

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