The anchor picked the wrong track with the goods, so it’s OK to bring yoga pants and purple buttocks

What’s the most important difference between live broadcasting and carrying goods? Isn’t it that you’re good at it? It’s better to bring your strengths into play when you go to the live broadcasting room to bring Yoga Pants than to pack suitcases.

In this way, brothers see that you’ve chosen the wrong track in the live broadcasting room.

Hey, the monitor’s temporary business is the special liquid foundation for office workers.

I love you very much.

The only advantage I have over pets is that I can’t defecate everywhere.

There’s really no place to sit.

You’d better squat down.

This is the first time I, The degree of directly revoking your driver’s license is that you let the whole country unify your speech skills.

What dialect is it? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’s reasonable.

It’s not true love.

You will never be embarrassed if a man does not remind you.

I can understand that a woman does not remind you.

I know how to organize a new year’s holiday.

One week of migrant workers want to know how many huang who can be directly registered.

How can you win over Aunt Huang? This kind of communication method is really easy to misunderstand.

It is suggested that we can change it to two announcements for the first time.

Wife wears Victoria’s secret.

I wear Uyghur’s secret.

Other people’s friend VS my friend HR refuses to think of any reason to come out of the new dormitory.

The equipment is a little backward.

I haven’t straightened out the bad seat belt all night.

You wouldn’t wear it if it wasn’t for members, I don’t know that so many friends will not see each other until 11:00 pm.

It has been 15 years since they were born.

What a wonderful head shape the children have.

Isn’t that a fraud? [Fish Hunting Office] Remind you: on September 120, 2022, August 25, the lunar year of Renyin [Tiger], good morning on Tuesday.

No matter how tired you are at work, don’t forget to rest! Often get up and go to the tea room, go to the toilet, go to the corridor and walk.

Don’t always sit on the workstation.

I wish all the migrant workers in the world can spend every day happily…

[Countdown] Distance [Weekend] Also: 4 days Distance [National Day] Also: 11 days Distance [New Year’s Day] Also: 103 days Distance [Spring Festival] Also: 124 days [Daily Language] Only you can control your future.

Only you can control your future.

(Secret code: with goods)..

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